Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Toddlerless Tuesday #10! Back in the saddle again...

Hi, all!

Lilli was back in school today, and I decided it was time to jump right in and get to work on those memory quilts!  While she was gone today, I pieced the backs for all three quilts - which doesn't sound like a lot of work, but they are big quilts!  So the backs are pieced and pressed, and ready to be made into quilt sandwiches tomorrow or Thursday.   I figure once they're at that point, it will be fairly easy to quilt them as I have time.

But the best part of the day came early this morning, when I got to deliver this stack to church . . . . . .

These quilts are very special to me.  The two bottom quilts were donated to our quilt ministry by my friend Ann, who blogs at Renegade Quilter.  One is going to a wonderful older gentleman in our church with lung cancer, who was recently saved and baptized; he spoke during his baptism and had the congregation in stitches and tears simultaneously!  The other is going to a woman going through both medical problems and personal problems; this quilt will hopefully bring her a feeling of love and comfort.   Being able to give these two people quilts quickly was a huge blessing; my thanks again to Ann for sending us some of her lovely quilts to use!

The top quilt is going to a little girl, 2 years old, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.  She is in the hospital right now in part because the treatment she is undergoing has made her very susceptible to infections.  On my post last Tuesday I casually mentioned that I was going to look for the perfect toddler fabric in my stash for this little girl.   One of my commenters said, "Do you need any fat quarters for the two year old's quilt? Dr Seuss maybe? Email me if you want some and I'll send them out to you."  I responded to her comment and Cathy sent a great pile of Dr. Seuss fat quarters and some solids from her own stash - which has now been made up into a lovely quilt!  Be sure to check out her on-line fabric store, Wondrous Woven Fabrics, and her blog, Wondrous Woven Magic.  Both are well worth visiting!  I'll be blogging more about this quilt later in the week - it really did come out cute!  Thanks again, Cathy!

I am reminded every day how blessed I am - I hope you are too!  Count your blessings today!!




  1. *looks around* Did I miss pictures of the Dr. Seuss quilt? *pouts* It looks adorable in that wonderful stack of quilts..but...um...I'm greedy and need more pictures. :D


  2. Thnks for sharing these quilts, Sarah. I get goosebumps every time I read about them.

  3. You're going to show us full pictures of those three pretty quilts, right? The Dr. Seuss quilt on top looks really adorable. You're humming right along this week, aren't you?

  4. Such a nice post. Thank you for sharing your lovely stories....

  5. Very, very cool!!! I'll be there is nothing like sharing the love of God through quilts, is there.
    Mary Lou

  6. the Dr Seuss fabric looks great against the white! how lovely of you to bring a smile to those who really need it! x

  7. Sarah - Thanks for sharing where the quilts are going to - that puts a huge smile on my face & something that I will keep with me & think of often as I am sewing or doing quilt related things. Thank you for doing this for your church and community! They are truley blessed to have you.

  8. I'm sure that all three recipients will feel blessed to receive those wonderful quilts


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