Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Win Yourself A Neighborhood!

Hi, all!

My friend Beth over at Love Laugh Quilt had a great idea the other 
day while she was nursing a migraine (go figure - I can't have an idea this good on a good day!) You can read her whole post here, but the 
general gist of it is that since we are all neighbors in Blogland, 
wouldn't it be fun to make a "neighborhood quilt" showing 
our neighborhood? Here, in her own words....

How can I celebrate this awesome place???
Have a party??
Sounds a bit difficult.

I know!!
We can build a quilty neighborhood.
Here's my idea.

Let's all make a 12" square house block.
Any kind of house.
A fabric house, of course.

Write your blog address on your house.
If you don't have a problem. Just your name will do.
I know the non-bloggers love our neighborhood too. Right?
I will collect these houses and some lucky winners
will be able to make a blogland quilt with them!!!
And hopefully share the pictures of the finished quilts with all of us!
Since I'm running the show, I guess I'm out of the running/winning. :(

I will collect houses until Jan. 1.
I will send each winner 9 to 12 house blocks.
The number of winners will obviously depend on
how many of you send in a house. :)

So - a challenge, and a chance to win!  I'm going to join her, and I hope you will too!  Leave Beth a comment on her blogpost (but if you leave one here, I'll let her know too!)  And the best part?  If life happens (and it happens to all of us, at one time or another) and you can't get your block made, it's not the end of the world!  So it's a low-level commitment - but it could be a lot of fun!

I've been thinking about my block, and what might be a part of my house - I might incorporate some stripes, to represent the Stripe Challenge I participated in this summer (also over at Beth's blog!).  It might have some of my favorite Marimekko-like flower fabric growing in the garden.  It might have a boat for my husband!  It might have a clothesline with little quilts on it to represent all the ministry quilts we've made this year....  The possibilities are endless, and it will be so much fun to make!  

So - - - in the words of Mr. Rogers.......

Won't you please, 

Won't you please, 
Please won't you be my neighbor? 




  1. That sounds like so much fun.....

  2. Oh you ARE sweet Sarah! I'll be your nieghbor!! For sure!

  3. Mr Rogers is my hero!! I was not planning on joining in... but then you quote Mr. Rogers at me! That's not fair, Sarah :-)

    I may have to join in anyhow, just for that!

    ~ Meagan

  4. Sounds like fun. I just might give this a try.


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