Monday, May 7, 2012

Make-A-List Monday - Spread Thin But Loving It!!!

Hi, all!

Wow, it's been an exciting week - I've picked up my new long arm and set it up, started working on the new sewing space at church, AND worked on my list from last week!  Let's see how I did...

1.  Border, back and quilt a woman's quilt for the ministry.
Done!  Here's a pic of the second one I did, since I showed the first one several times on the blog last week...

2.  Bind a baby girl quilt for the ministry.
Done - sort of!  Someone donated this beautiful baby quilt to the ministry, all finished, so I pulled it from the stack for this need.  I'm so sorry I don't remember who donated it - if you recognize it, let me know and I'll give proper credit!!

3. Make kits for Wednesday night sewing.
Done - and I handed out all the kits I put together before taking a picture!  Oh well....

4.  Begin the move into the new space at church!!
In progress!  I'll show lots of pics at the bottom of this post.


5.  Take apart my quilting frame and store it....


I bought a long arm quilting machine in Paducah!!
Done!  The old frame is stored in the attic, and the new one is partially assembled, just waiting for me to have enough time to put on the leaders and load up something to give it a test run!

She needs a name - got any suggestions?  I thought about Baby (as in "nobody puts Baby in the corner" except she's in the corner!) but so far I'm clueless....

So what's on tap for this week? Here goes...

1.  Put binding on a quilt for a 7-year old boy with a brain tumor.

2.  Keep working on taking stuff down to church and getting it organized in our new space.

3.  Finish setting up my new quilt frame.

4.  Load on a test setup and give it a whirl!

5.   Re-organize my own space when all the ministry stuff is out!

I'm almost afraid to say this out loud, but once that quilt listed above is finished, we are completely caught up on the ministry list (and as soon as I post this, we'll get a load of requests!)  But maybe I can get some of the re-organizing done before we get a list going again....

And now here are some pics of the new space we're working on at church...

This shot is from very early - old floors are still in, room hasn't been painted.

Taken the same day, showing the other walls.

This was on Sunday - new floors are down, the green walls are painted blue, and the fabric storage cubbies are assembled.

This was taken today.  The black space on the left is blackboard paint on the wall for long term lists; the white space is a whiteboard for teaching purposes.  The area in between will be a comfortable seating area.  Quilt frame on the right between windows, and the door is to the left.

We ended up stacking the fabric cubbies, added a metal shelving unit to the right that will hold the quilt tops that are in progress, and the shelving units you can see to the right of the window will hold big tubs of scraps.

See that great big blue panel?  It's going to be our design wall!  It also will have pegboard on the back to store rotary cutters, templates, and other goodies that will hang on hooks.  There's room to store extra chairs behind it, and a locking cabinet for storing machines.

And there's the new quilting frame we bought for the church - it's a Grace frame and it's partially disassembled - I've got to figure out how to get it back together because the ladies are standing in line waiting to learn how to use it!

So it's coming along nicely - I've still got a bunch of stuff to bring from my house - boxes of donations that need to be processed and more scraps to be cut up, comfortable chairs and a cabinet and a microwave - oh my!!   I'm going to have so much room in my house!!  I actually might have to - - - gasp! - - - clean up!!

So that's what I'm busy with this week!  And now the question is - - -what are you working on?




  1. Oh! I am so excited for y'all! What a gorgeous space for you to continue to work and meet the needs of people through your ministry! You are blessing so many people daily - its wonderful to see you be blessed in return.

  2. What a wonderful new space for you all! Love the color paint, soothing - and great lighting, natural and other. My list - get the H2H quilts mailed out, mail out monthly swaps and have fun with little projects.

  3. I love that first one with the houses, trees and sun/star! Congrats on getting a long arm! Your new space at church looks fantastic! Congrats being able to use that space for the ministry!

  4. What a wonderful new space for your ministry! What are you going to do with all that space at home now? How exciting! Have fun with your new long-arm. That will keep you busy.

  5. That space is so awesome! Very bright and cheery - and you get your own space back!

  6. I am pinning this for ideas on how to set up our room for when we start a prayer quilt ministry. I have a huge list since we are going camping tomorrow and I need my house spotless, even my bedroom, since we will have a young man from church house sitting for us. I need to get the meals and food ready to take with us (baking and cooking to do today), pack, and if I have time make a mother's day gift. I have my hexagons cut for hand sewing in the car, I just need to mark 1/4 inch lines. And all of this needs to be done today! LOL

  7. I wished I lived close by so I could come and sew with you ladies in that fabulous new space.
    I think you should name the new sewing machine after Lilli and call it "Princess."

  8. wow- what a wonderful room!!

    i recognize the ikea shelves :)

  9. Yeah! I love the color of your new room at church! That's the same one I was thinking for my sewing room. I call my machine "The Big Lady" because she is soooo big!!! I know not to original. So you don't want me suggesting names for yours!

  10. WOW!! Exciting times in YOUR life!!!

  11. That's a great room. Is it used exclusively for quilting? and congrats again on your new long arm.

  12. Your sewing space is magnificent! May you all sew there in good health with continued blessings for all the amazing work you do!

  13. Your new sewing area looks so bright and wonderful. It's sure to have great things happening in there soon. Enjoy that new long arm!!!

  14. What a beautiful space so big and nice and bright. You will have many happy days with all the ladies shewing and quilting in that new room. God blessed you will a beautiful space because he knows all the wonderful work you all do. Congratulations on your new long arm a name will come to you after you work on it for a while. Blessings Sandra

  15. What a wonderful space - enjoy!!!

    My name suggestion for the long arm is "Blessing"

    I need to work on quilting my H2H quilt.

    Have a super week!

  16. How fun to have a real sewing space, even if it is at church. I like 'baby' as a name. Funny!

  17. Wowee, what a fabulous space!! I'd love to be able to sew in such a big, inviting room. And I kind of like the irony of Baby (in a corner)!

  18. Baby sound like a good name. Wow, what a great open space for everyone to sew in.

    I am working on making a handbag out of YoYos. Not sure I will finish in a weeks time, but I hope to.

  19. I LOVE the new sewing space at your church! I wish I could make MY sewing space look that good and organized. I will get there one day. =)

  20. the new space is gorgeous. somehow i missed that you had a long arm! excellent!

  21. Sally or Sophie is my pick for a name. Good Luck on naming her. Happy Quilting.


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