Monday, May 14, 2012

Make-A-List Monday - And It All Starts Up Again...

Hi, all!

Did you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend?  I certainly did - I got to spend time with DH and all the kiddos, plus spent time sewing with my sewing sisters!  Life is good!

However, the needs list for the quilt  ministry has started to fill up again.  Let's look at how I did on last week's list before checking what I'll be working on this week....

1.  Put binding on a quilt for a 7-year old boy with a brain tumor.
Done!  This quilt has been finished and delivered!

2.  Keep working on taking stuff down to church and getting it organized in our new space.
Lots has been done on this!  There are still a few things
to get moved in, but it's close!  Here are some pics
from our sewing day Saturday...

You can see the design wall on the left,
plus we put an ironing station between the cabinets!
That's also a portable design wall you see
with the pinwheels on it.

And this is the second ironing station that
Pam brought from her home - it was taking up too
much room there and she thought we could use it!
3.  Finish setting up my new quilt frame.
Almost done!  The leaders are on, and I'm all set to
install the laser pointer.  Next I oil her and then it
will be time to load up a quilt!

4.  Load on a test setup and give it a whirl!
Haven't done this yet - ministry quilts took priority!

5.   Re-organize my own space when all the ministry 
stuff is out!
And I haven't really done this one yet either - 
pretty much just stuffed things into the cubbies without 
organizing, to get them out of the way as I packed up
items to take to our new space at church.  
Hopefully this week!!

OK - so what's on the list for this week?  Lots of stuff - probably way more than I can get to!!

1.  Finish piecing a batiks quilt top for a man with cancer.

2.  Make a back and quilt the batik quilt.

3.  Make quilt kits for the ministry.

4.  Finish taking the rest of the ministry supplies to church.

5.  Decide on a quilt to enter into the Blogger's Quilt Festival!

6.  Prepare the last two posts for the 
Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge!

7.  Pull fabrics for my H2H quilt (finally!)

Hopefully I'll get to all of this, and maybe even some more (yeah right dream on!) 

So now the question is - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. You are one busy quilter, Sarah! Looks like you've been really productive. I'm trying to finish up some things for a swap I'm in. Like you, I've got to decide on a quilt for the blogger's quilt festival.

  2. Wow. Just reading that list made me feel tired! You have been so busy! That is a great space you have at your church--how wonderful to come together that way. :-)

  3. I must not be as observant as I thought. When did you sneak in a glamorous new photo of yourself in your blog profile?
    I haven't sewed anything in the last 2 weeks. This is my week to get moving again.

  4. Gosh Sarah! That is a VERY BUSY week you have had! The quilt for the little boy with a brain tumor is awesome, I bet that he loved it. The new quilting space looks hooked up! Good for you!

  5. I just wanted to pop in and tell you how touched I am by your devotion to this ministry. My husband I were foster parents in a group that dealt exclusively with medically fragile children. We adopted four of our daughters. One had a liver transplant at a year old and continues intestinal rehabilitation. Two were born at 26 weeks, weighing less than two pounds each and have had long-term issues related to extreme prematurity. My community doesn't have a program like yours, but groups would occasionally do small service projects. Hospital time with kids is really hard. Especially with transplant children... wait times can be a year or more and intensive post-care is a minimum of four months, plus lifetime health care... Who oftentimes live at the hospital durin te whole process. Our daughter had over 20 surgeries and didn't leave the hospital until she was 16 months old. Life becomes so distorted during those times and it can be incredibly isolating. It really is difficult to understand unless your living it. Anyway, you've inspired me to start a program with our local transplant team. I would have treasure a quilt that my fighter could have had from the beginning of her transplant journey and would especially like to support those families that are just starting this journey with their children. My other thought was it might be nice to have a large blank section on the back of the quilts and provide a fabric safe pen, so all the professionals that contribute to a child's care can sign it. I would love to be able to contact people who cared for our daughter before we knew her and let them know how well she's doing and how grateful we are for the loving care they provided her when she was all alone.

  6. I apologize for all the typos... I'm typing on my phone and realize my response is a bit disjointed. I really want you to know that reaching out to families, especially given how isolating dealing with a child's health crisis is, makes a tremendous difference in our lives. Those are by far te darkest days of our live and even child's homemade card was a beacon of light during those days. I can only imagine how moved families are by your gift of quilts.

    May you and your ministry continue to be blessed.

  7. Since I'm getting my house ready to host a party on Saturday, the only thing on my list is to replace the elastic in a skirt someone gave me.

  8. Since I'm getting my house ready to host a party on Saturday, the only thing on my list is to replace the elastic in a skirt someone gave me.

  9. I am in awe of your love and devotion to such a great ministry. I believe that I found you by no accident but by the grace of God. It is good to have quilter friends with deep faith showing God's love to His people in such a special way. My husband is fighting for his life now. After 13 years of struggling with non-hodgkins lymphoma he is now battling MDS which is a disease of the bone marrow caused by all the chemo and treatment he has had in the past. He has had two bone marrow transplants. He had a non-related donor transplant in Dec in Dallas at Baylor. The marrow is failing now and we are doing all possible to keep him alive with blood and platelets until another drug, Dacogen, has time to work and suppress the MDS and allow the donor marrow to work. You can read all of our story on name is jeffreydsmith. Jeff has several quilts that are special but a couple of weeks ago my college roommate sent him a quilt from their "Prayers and Square" ministry. It is on the Caring Bridge site. Quilt ministries are GREAT and really do comfort the patient with their warmth and love. I have been comforted just by reading your blog and following your ministry. May God richly bless you in all that you do to help the sick and dying. '
    Sue Smith

  10. Great new picture in your profile. I'm busy working on stuff for a Bonnie Hunter class on Friday. I'm also working on pinwheels for my nieces grad quilt. Lots of other things, non sewing, too. Youngest graduates end of next week, and lots of family will be here. Darn, I'll have to put up my sewing machine for a while. Oh to have a 'real' sewing room.

  11. More great finishes and love the new quilting space!

    I finally got my H2H quilt quilted, now to do the binding and then ship it off to you.

    Enjoy your week of quilting!


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