Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's Cookin' At The Sweatshop - Another Busy Week!

Hi, all!

Another Wednesday, and time to recap what we've been working on for the quilt ministry this week!  It's been busy, although April wasn't quite as busy as March.  We've got five quilts to share today, though....

This cute I-spy quilt is going to a little 4-year old boy who just had surgery on both hips.  I believe Meagan pieced the center of this quilt, and I added borders to it before quilting it.

This sweet little quilt, put together by Joanna, is going to a new baby girl born recently in our church.  It's so nice to see the babies show up at church sporting their quilts!

This gorgeous batik quilt came to us as an anonymous donation, completely finished!  It now belongs to a gentleman who was recently diagnosed with cancer...

And this beautiful quilt, from the same anonymous donor, has been given to an older gentleman recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  He also has signs of cancer in his spine, and is currently undergoing radiation treatments.

And this cheerful quilt started with a flimsy donated by Kate; I added borders and did the quilting.  I just love her string hearts!  This quilt is going to a young single mom who is dealing with pancreatic cancer.  We hope that all those beautiful hearts remind her that there are people who love and care for her!

And for those of you who requested a tutorial on this string block, Kate says you can see it here!

The quilt ministry will be moving into its new space at church in the next week - we're so excited!  It'll be quite a job getting everything over there and organized, but so worth it when it's done.  I've been taking pictures so I'll be able to share later - then you can enjoy our new space with us!

Thanks again to all of you who support this ministry through your donations!  We truly couldn't do all we do without you!




  1. I am always amazed at the amount of work you and your group accomplishes. Beautiful work.

  2. What a great batch of quilts! The batik is a real beauty, and the string hearts is so striking. Nice work on the border. It really ties the whole thing together.

  3. Many wonderful quilts (as usual) to comfort and warm the hearts of the receivers... I do have to say that the string heart one is a favorite. Is there a pattern for it? If not...what are the approx size of the finished heart? What a wonderful way to use scraps =D


  4. What beautiful quilts! What a wonderful ministry : )

  5. Batiks and stars...oh my!! Great quilts!

    It's wonderful you'll have a new space to work in.

  6. I love the heart quilt! (and the border is nice too!). That is a perfect quilt for the ministry. Any chance of a pattern/tutorial? Can't wait to see the move. It will be so nice to have a dedicated space. Wish I were closer to help.

  7. All beautiful, as always! What a wonderful blessing to have not only so many participants (even anonymous ones!) in your quilt ministry, but to have a dedicated sewing space at your church. Do you know how many quilts your ministry has made / donated overall? You ladies are *awesome* and I'm sure every quilt is cherished by the recipient.

    My maiden name is Valentine so I just love the heart one. Like the other ladies, I'd love to see a pattern or tutorial for that one!

  8. Beautiful quilts, all of them.

  9. I really love the string hearts quilt!

  10. Lovely quilts. I bet it is so fun to see those sweet babies sporting their quilts.
    Love the star quilt for the man with cancer. I'm sure it will bring him so much comfort.

  11. The string hearts looks great - you always make my leftovers look like fantastic quilts... I pinched your photo of it for my blog, hope that was ok - I've linked back to you.

  12. I am always amazed at the variety of beautiful quilts and all that you get done in a week. I need to find out what vitamins you take.


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