Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What's Cookin' At The Sweatshop?

Hi, all!

It's been a big week at The Sweatshop - lots of quilts going out and donations coming in!  Here's what was given away...

This beautiful quilt, made by A.D., went to an older woman in Arkansas who went through surgery for uterine cancer...

And this quilt, made by Pam J., went all the way to Singapore, to comfort a young woman who has been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic and liver cancer...

This quilt, also made by A.D., is now covering a man in Indiana who was in a bad car accident and will be in extensive rehab for many months to come.

This beauty, pieced from thrifted shirts by the fabulous P., is now warming a gentleman suffering from advanced Alzheimer's.  We were told that he is frequently cold, so this one is backed in a beautiful, warm flannel.  It's very warm and cozy now!

This lovely bright quilt, pieced by Debora, will be going to a woman who lives in Rogersville, TN, where our middle-schoolers go twice a year to do mission work.  She suffers from lupus and is bed-ridden.  Hopefully this lovely quilt will brighten her days...

And this quilt will be going to a gentleman who is dealing with stage 4 colon cancer.  It is a second quilt Pam S. created from a much larger top that was donated to us by Carol C.  


And donations this week were amazing!  First of all, we received these pretty quilt tops from Barbara...

...and this amazing pile of fabric came today, from Ginny!  This box was so big and heavy I had to get someone to carry it in to church for me - and it was like Christmas opening it all.

This picture doesn't really do it justice - the box was probably 24" cubed, and stuffed full!  Lots of fabric remnants, pinwheel blocks, fat quarters - beautiful stuff!

(Isn't that panorama feature on the new iPhones neat?)


So that's what's been going on at The Sweatshop this week!  We're up to our 27th quilt for the year, and our 449th quilt since we began.  So if you've made a donation to the quilt ministry, or participated in the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge, please consider making a hand block for the Helping Hands Project.  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can click on the pages tab at the top of my blog and read more about it!)

Thanks again to all of you who help out with the ministry - we could not possibly do what we do without you!  




  1. Just wonderful quilts that I am sure are being so loved. Glad to see all the donations - I was feeling badly I haven't filled that box yet.

  2. Wow, what a great group of quilts this week! Your ministry is certainly reaching far and wide. What a perfect backing you selected for the shirt quilt, Sarah. I'm glad that gentleman will be blessed with a warm and cozy quilt. PS - I think you have a familiar looking link after your name at the end of your post that you may want to move. ;)

  3. I always enjoy seeing your ministry quilts and this week is no exception. I love the quilt from thrifted shirts. The flannel backing is a perfect match. I didn't realize your mission reached out to people so far away. How did you find out about someone in need all the way in Singapore?

  4. I LOVE that quilt that went to Singapore -- that is beautiful

  5. Some really nice quilts going out from your ministry. You ladies ROCK!


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