Friday, June 10, 2011

Can I get a Whoop-Whoop?? A Very Productive Week....

Hi, all!

Well, it's Friday again - are you ready to show off your work? I've had a really busy week - which felt good, since I'd had a few slack ones!!  Here's what I finished this week...

The front of my first H2H quilt...

...and the back.  I'm showing this as a finish
this week because I actually got the binding
done, and the quilt is washed and ready to go!
The front of my 2nd H2H quilt....

...and the back.

A ministry quilt going to a lady
just diagnosed with ovarian cancer...
The sudoku center of this quilt was
pieced by Debora, a member of our
quilt ministry.  Its name - Gumdrops!

And here's a peek at the backing,
donated by a blog friend...
A beautiful string quilt made with 50 6" blocks donated by Sharon Vrooman...I named this Hugs and Kisses, because of the Xs and Os.

Look how beautiful those blocks are!
This quilt is going to a long-time cancer patient
who is undergoing some surgery.
So all in all, it's been a very productive week, even though for two of the quilts, I was only finishing off what others had started.  My Juki is working extra-great since its day "at the spa" with the repairman - I quilted three quilts this week without a single thread break!!  And that, if nothing else, is worth a whoop whoop!!

And now it's your turn!  What have you been working on this week?  Even if it's not a finish, if you're excited about what you've been doing, link up and share it so we can get excited too!  




  1. Whoop whoop and I love your new header on your blog!

  2. I agree with Diane, I like your new header. I also love what you did with the fabric I sent to you for the H2H quilt charity. I just need to quilt mine and I'll be ready to ship it off.

  3. Love the new look - fabulous!! Oh the strings look beautiful, so wonderful that they are going to hug someone.

  4. Awesome header! And our course I love the Hugs and Kisses -- Red is my color.

  5. Love the letters on your blog name!! The Juki is BACK and running fabulously!!!

  6. Love your new header! Those quilts are awesome. I particularly like the red string quilt. What a wonderful gift to that patient.

  7. I love those red strings. Great job Sarah and Sharon. Whoop! Whoop! to you both! I like the new header, too.

  8. Your quilts are all so beautiful! Anyone would love them!!

  9. Whoop! Whoop! They're all beautiful!! My machine is badly needing a day at 'the spa' too, maybe I'll be willing to part with it while camping . . .

  10. Love the new look!! Wow you have been busy. The red strings are fabulous!

  11. Well ; 1st of all ; don't know why mine posted twice ; sorry ...... You did a lot of wonderful things this week , young lady ! love your new blog look ! who is the backing fabric from ?

  12. I can't find how to delete one of them ! help me ! help me !
    (it's to make up for last week since I forgot !)
    Mickey White

  13. Well done! Especially love the pattern of your H2H quilt. The new pic at the top is yummy, want to settle in with a good book :-) Whoop Whoop!

  14. Whoop-whoop for that new header! Makes me want to just teleport myself right into (what I'm guessing is) your backyard!

    Beautiful finishes, Sarah. I love the back of that H2H quilt as much as the front!

  15. perhaps Sarah, if I go to the spa, I'll start working better too. Man, you were productive. I love the hands 2 help quilt, and so will the person who gets it!

  16. your quilts are delicious! thanks for doing an awesome job with organizing all of this! it has been a lot of fun for me and am just amazed at all of these very talented and giving quilters!

  17. Still loving these two. Thanks for getting all of us together for a good cause.


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