Monday, June 13, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #51! Start Your Engines.....

Hi, all!

Monday is here, and I'm ready for a busy week!  Hubby is out of town at the Southern Baptist Convention this week, so I'm batching it; Lilli has vacation Bible school every morning this week, so I'm toddlerless for a few hours every morning; and I have a stack of flimsies ready for quilting!  

But first, I need to check in and see how I did last week...

1.  Finish the bindings on both H2H quilts.
Finished, and ready for delivery!  Just waiting for some other local quilts to get finished, then we'll send them all off to Judi!

2.  Put together several flimsies for the quilt ministry.
I have eight flimsies ready to quilt this week - five of mine, three finished by some of my sewing sisters!  The backs are all ready, too, so all I need to do is load them on the frame and quilt them.

3.  Work on the Marine quilt some more...
I didn't get to this - maybe I'll have time this week!

4.  Sewing this Saturday with my sewing sisters, so the house must be cleaned up...
Well, no one screamed and ran out of the house because of the mess, so I guess it was ok!

So now, this week I need to....

1.  Quilt those eight flimsies!

2.  Cut out a new ministry quilt in blues.

3.  Work on the Marine quilt.

4.  Find a blogger to feature next Sunday (because I forgot Surfin' Sunday this week!! Ooops...)

Short list, but lots to do on it - so I think I'll stop there.  

Now the question is - what are you working on this week?




  1. I love your new header but I'm exhausted just reading your post!! I'm working on a quilt for our teardrop trailer. Trying to find my sewing room again - I know it's under all that clutter. It'll be a short week because, like your hubby, I'm heading to our church's synod assembly.

  2. Wow Sarah you are going to be really busy! I'm sure you are going to really enjoy it. Have fun!

  3. Congrats! I have two to quilt this week and hope to get one more made up.

  4. Where do you find the time?!? Reading your to do list every Monday makes me want to write my own, but then I think that each Monday I would simply be re-writing the same list over and over again :)

  5. Okay. I've missed something along the way. I've been seeing the word "flimsie" but thought it was just an Australian term for quilt top. What is a flimsie?
    You have certainly been blessing a lot of lives lately!!!

  6. I have to start the 2nd set of Santa blocks for the exchange due in July. This time they will be fuseable applique. I haven't done this before. A learning curve. I also have to figure out what to 'giveaway' for my 1st ever giveaway sometime later this week. I want it to be a good one. My BIL and his family are at the Southern Baptist Convention this week, too. Small world. Hope you gets lots done this week.

  7. The house to yourself for few hrs each day? You will get it all done, no worries there!

    I am going to be sewing together strips of 4 1/2" squares for the patchwork part of that Star Jewels quilt, add 2 more borders and then call it finished!

    BTW, I got my Joanns 10% off discount card in the mail and didn't realize it lasts for only a few months. I thought it was for the whole year. Huh:( Is that the way it works?

  8. I have been on a 'flit' flight pattern and need to concentrate on ONE item to get a finish this week. I have 2 UFO's and 2 flimsies that need the final quilting.

  9. Does your week have more hours in it than mine does? Surely it must be double in length??

    I need to come study time management from you!

  10. I plan on finishing the baby quilts by stitching the binding on the last one, washing both quilts ans signing them so I can give them to the mother this weekend...then I'm going to work on hand stitching around the stars for my H2H quilt.

  11. I am hoping to plan sometime with my machine.

  12. I am soooo bad!!...I need to be beaten with a (small) roll of batting! I make lists and then...I can't keep up. =)

    Do you use lots of energizer batteries to keep going? My brain usually has more energy than body ever does! =P



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