Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toddlerless Tuesday #29! Hooray For Vacation Bible School!!

Hi, all!!

Well, I lucked out today, at least as far as quilting goes - Lilli not only had vacation Bible school at her own church, but her dad had the afternoon off from work, so they had a little Daddy/daughter time afterwards.  That meant I got to quilt all day - woohoo!!

So what did I actually accomplish today?  Well, I finally finished stitching the binding down on this quilt....

...and I pieced this quilt top using string blocks donated to our quilt ministry by the lovely Sharon over at Vrooman's Quilts.  I think I'm going to call this one Hugs and Kisses....

I also added managed to get Hugs and Kisses quilted today - so tomorrow I'll work on the binding....

Then I added the borders onto the Sudoku center of this top, which was pieced by my friend Debora for the quilt ministry.  Don't you love that border fabric?  I've had it in the stash for many years - picked it up in NYC - but couldn't ever find just the right match for it.  I think it's perfect for this quilt!  I think I'll call this one Gumdrops.  I've also loaded it onto the quilting frame, and it'll be quilted early tomorrow morning....

Then, to top it all off, I sewed the binding on this quilt and have it ready to hand stitch, as soon as I finish this post!

So that's what I did with my toddlerless Tuesday!!  It's such a great feeling to get this much done - woohoo!!  Such days are few and far between, so I try to enjoy them when they come.... and I try not to miss the Bug too much - it's really quiet around here when she's not with me......

I hope you had a good Tuesday too!




  1. Way to go! Yay for VBS! =) I was always working VBS...so probably wouldn't have got a single thing done. Our current church doesn't have one...my poor kids. =(

    Do you long arm quilting machine? your quilts are gorgeous!

  2. Oh, Sarah - just love what you did with the string blocks!! Just fantastic. And the Gum Drop quilt is adorable. I have not done a Sudoku quilt, another great pattern for a donation quilt - must try it. You had a very productive day!

  3. Wow, you got a bunch done! Hugs & Kisses and Gumdrops are PERFECT names for those quilts!

  4. OH you had fun!!!! Congrats on ur finishes!!

  5. wow! You got a lot done!! Love them all!


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