Friday, December 9, 2011

Can I get a Whoop-Whoop?? Almost Ready For Christmas!

Hi, all!!

I'm trying desperately not to think about how many days are left until Christmas - how about you??  But I am very happy to say that I have managed to finish two Christmas presents this week!!  Whoop whoop!!  

As promised, here are more pics of my Christmas present for Lilli - named "Lilli's Pips"!  What's showing in the picture is only part of the quilt - this one is twin bed sized and the only way I could get pictures of it was to fold it over the line!

The Sherbet Pips line is so wonderful to work with - the fabrics are so soft and the colors are very vibrant!  

I chose this fabric because it has so much in it that appealed to Lilli this year - kids on scooters, puppy dogs, little girls on swings, and scarves (she loves to get in my scarf drawer and wear piles of them around the house!)

This was also the first quilt I ever hand-quilted - and I love the way it added to the design of the quilt!  Simple running stitches in all the white framing pieces - it kind of reminds me of the center line of a road.  I'm very pleased with the way it turned out!  I had originally planned to hand quilt the borders too, but time caught up with me, so there are three lines of organic straight line quilting that grid up at each corner, and a pale pink solid binding.

And here's the back - a large piece of the Pips fabric with the little girls swinging, and all the leftover scraps from the jelly roll.  The rest of the fabrics are pieces from the stash - nothing bought for this backing!!  Woohoo!!

I had one more finish today, too - - - and you might recognize the fabric in the dress...

Remember that cute fabric I took from the Traveling Stash with the vintage looking children on it?  As soon as I saw that piece of fabric, I knew I would make Lilli a dress with it - and this is the pattern that she chose!  

I love that the apron is removable - giving basically two dresses in one!  

Here's the dress without the apron - don't you love the little knotted shoulder straps?  I hope Lilli likes this - I can't wait to see her twirl around in it!!

(Speaking of Lilli, we'll be celebrating her 4th birthday this weekend with a birthday breakfast.  She's informed me that I'm supposed to bring dessert - fudge!  Her birthday's actually not for another week, but we wanted to get the party in before my surgery. She's very excited!)


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  1. The fabric is wonderful in this little dress (yes, I put that in the box) and just love the removeable apron - how cute!! I need to see a twirling picture. And your Pips quilt for Lilli is so perfect for that little bundle of energy. Love how you hand quilted with the larger stitch - great accent and texture. Whoop Whoop.

  2. whata lucky little grand daughter! She is going to love all the goodies!

  3. The little dress is darling! Isn't it fun to make little girl clothes?
    Love the Sherbet Pips quilt! Cute, cute, cute!

  4. Wow I love the quilt! Great choice of fabrics. The dress/apron is adorable! another great fabric choice.

  5. I'm interested to know what pattern you used for that little dress--it's adorable, and I'd love to make a few!

  6. FUN STUFF for sure. The quilt begs to be slept under and the dress is simply adorable.

  7. Lilli is such a blessed little girl to have such a talented Grandma:)

    The Quilt---------------and OH that DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT one of those dresses-LOL:P

  8. What a cute dress, Lily is going to love it. Looks like her. I love her quilt also, pictures are great but it is just beautiful in real life. I promise to link up this afternoon when I get home.

  9. What a wonderful quilt! Lily is going to have sweet dreams under that one. Have fun at the party, Happy Birthday to little Lily!!

  10. The quilt came out just beautiful, Sara! The hand quilting really does top it off! Lilli is going to be bouncing off the walls when she sees it!!

  11. so glad I just found your blog! I didn't know you also had a sharing party :) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that quilt! wow! I need to get an entire precut of that line!
    that dress with the apron is just darling!

  12. The quilt is just divine. I love the design you used for it too. Really showcases those gorgeous colours and fabrics and the handquilting must have taken like forever.

  13. Great quilt and Cute Apron dress! Good luck with your surgery! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers... Thanks again for hosting! Enjoy your day!

  14. Lilli's quilt is adorable! I am sure she will love that little dress.... little girls love things like that attachable apron!

  15. Happy Birthday to Lilli and wishing you the best with your upcoming surgery. That little dress is so cute. I wish my daughters would've worn dresses when they were young. They were so stubborn that I could not get them in one except for the holidays.

  16. Lilli's quilt is so pretty! Love the hand quilting on it, and even the back is wonderful. That dress is just too cute! Removable apron? How adorable is that? Hope she has a great birthday. Four years old already, growing so fast!

  17. Love, love Lillie's quilt. Your hand quilting is the icing on the cake. Such a cute dress and pinafore to boot!

    Thinking of you as you face your surgery. Prayers for quick healing and perfect hands for your surgeon.
    Merry Christmas!

  18. I've got just one thing to say: Lucky Lilli! :-)

  19. That apron is so cute Sarah! Love it.

  20. love the quilt. {& and the quilting!!!}


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