Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's Cookin' at The Sweatshop, Week #16

Hi, all!

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted for The Sweatshop - the last post was on Thanksgiving, and that was a repeat post of how our ministry started!  Well, it's time to do some catching up!  

Here's what we've been working on since the last post....

This beauty, pieced by Sharon, was given to a man recently diagnosed with prostate cancer...

This pretty quilt was made by ministry member Cindy for her mother, who suffered a serious broken ankle. Cindy had to go spend time with her in Texas, and made her quilt while she was visiting!  Cindy named this one "My Favorite Square" because of one of the squares she put on the back...

This lovely scrap quilt, pieced by Sharon, was taken to church to be available if needed for the monthly prayer meeting...

This pretty pink quilt, also pieced by Sharon, was given to a woman battling cancer....

This cute pair of baby quilts were made by Debora, a ministry member, and are going to a set of twin boys who were born early and have to spend the next three weeks in the hospital.....

And this adorable quilt, made by Joanna, a ministry member, is going to a newborn baby boy in our church!

Those are the quilts we've made lately.  We're also working on several others right now - one for a 3-year old boy with eye cancer, another for a young woman with cervical cancer, and one for a 14-year old boy recently diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma.  So it's still staying busy at The Sweatshop!  Many many thanks to those of you who send donations of fabric, blocks or flimsies - they are much appreciated, well used and well loved as they are passed on to their eventual owners!




  1. As usual all of Sharon's quilts are beautiful, but the first quilt with the stars and 9 patches is exquisite.

  2. Always such a feast for the eyes, Sarah!

  3. Beautiful quilts sure to bring comfort. Great job ladies!

  4. what a wonderful ministry. You women are provided such loving care to those who need it. God bless.

  5. I see the word "donations". Can we send you some goodies?
    Merry Christmas Hugs,

  6. I love the orange and blue just squares quilt! I hope you are feeling well.

  7. You ladies did fabulous work , , , again ! bless you all , especially you , Sarah !


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