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Hands2Help - Jamie's Southern H2H Tutorial

Hi, all!

I am so very happy to introduce you to one of my favorite people today - Jamie of L'Fair Quilts!  I found Jamie's blog long ago, when I first started blogging, and she's been a great source of inspiration to me as I learned to quilt.  She's also been a huge supporter of my blogging efforts, and of the Hands2Help Challenge.

She's also a fabulous quilt designer - here's a quilt I made from her pattern "Blue Me Away" - - - 

I call my version "Orange You Glad" - and it's my favorite quilt.  Every time I look at it, I smile!  Be sure to check out more of her patterns at Black Cat Creations.

Today, Jamie's bringing us a tutorial for a great quilt she's designed.  I'm so excited to see how to make this quilt - I've seen it in person, but didn't know how she made it.  Now I'll have to make one of my own!  Enjoy!!


Hi ya'll, I am Jamie, coming to you from southern Houma, Louisiana, I bring to you a versatile quilt pattern that can be used for the youngest to the oldest (boy or girl, man or women)  I have made this quilt several times now ….. as a baby quilt, the 2012 Hands2Help Challenge and earlier this year, for a baseball team fund raiser.   Each of these samples are shown on my blog today, at L’Fair Quilts.
The version I have chosen to share today is color-blocked…. something that makes you think of the 1960s.  Against the black background, the bright colors pop, each defining a quadrant radiating from a yellow center.

Finished 66" x 78"

Here is what you need (will have left-overs)

One (1) yard each of orange, green, blue and purple
Quarter yard (1/4) of yellow
Four (4) yards of black (includes binding)
Five (5) yards of backing.

Are you ready:  let’s start cutting….

Two (2) 6 7/8” x WOF strips, then cut seven (7) 6 7/8” squares
Six (6) 2 ½” x WOF strips

Two (2) 6 7/8” x WOF strips, then seven (7) 6 7/8” squares
Six (6) 2 ½” x WOF strips

One (1) 6 7/8” X WOF strip, then five (5) 6 7/8” squares
Six (6) 2 ½” X WOF strips

One (1) 6 7/8” X WOF strip, then five (5) 6 7/8” squares
Six (6) 2 ½” X WOF strips

Three (3) 2 ½” WOF strips, then cut one (1) 27” strip and five (5) 13” strips

Five (5) 6 7/8” X WOF strips, then (24) 6 7/8” squares
Three (3) 6 ½” x WOF strips, then (18) 6 ½” squares
Twenty-four (24) 2 ½” x WOF strips
Three (3) 2 ½” x WOF strips, then cut two (2) 27” strips, and four 13” strips
Eight (8) 2 ½” x WOF strips for the binding

Blocks Assembled:

Using (1) black 6 7/8”square and (1) orange 6 7/8” square, right sides together, draw a diagonal line on the back side of the orange.  Stitch ¼” on each side of drawn line.  Cut apart on drawn line making two (2) half-square triangles (HSTs).  Repeat to make a total of (14) orange/black HSTs.  Press toward the black.

Repeat for (14) blue/black HSTs.


Repeat for (10) green/black HSTs.

Repeat for (10) purple/black HSTs.

 Join (2) black 2 ½” WOF strips and (1) orange 2 ½” WOF strip as follows, then cut into five (5) 6 ½” rail fence units.



Repeat above instructions and make five (5) blue/black rail fences.

  Make five (5) green/black rail fences.

Make five (5) purple/black rail fences.


Join together (2) black 2 ½” x 27” strips with (1) yellow 2 ½” x 27” strip, cut into four (4) 6 ½” rail fences.

Join together (2) orange 2 ½” x WOF strips with (1) black 2 ½” x WOF strip, (Need two sets). Join together (1) orange 2 ½” x WOF strips with (2) black 2 ½” x WOF strips (one set).

 Cut each strip set into (13) 2 ½” sections to join one of each into (13) orange/black nine patches.

Repeat above instructions, for a total of (13) blue/black nine patches.


Repeat for a total of (11) green/black nine patches.

Repeat for a total of (11) purple/black nine patches.

Join together (2) yellow 2 ½” x 13” strips with (1) black 2 ½” x 13”, (Need two sets). Join together (1) yellow 2 ½” x 13” strips with (2) black 2 ½” x 13” strips (one set).  Cut each strip set into (5) 2 ½” sections to join one of each into (5) yellow/black nine patches.

Now the fun begins….using the picture and a design wall (or floor), lay out the blocks into 11 rows across and 13 down.  Sew your blocks together from top to bottom and then sew the columns together.

Layer the quilt top with your favorite batting and backing.  Bind with black.

Isn't this a fabulous quilt?  So easy, yet it looks so intricate!  Be sure to hop over and check out the other versions of this quilt on Jamie's blog today, too!  

Thanks for all you're doing for the Hands2Help Challenge - remember, you're making a huge difference in the lives of so many with your talents!  And be sure to check back next Sunday for a peek into the creative genius of our next guest blogger, Carol!



PS - Did you notice the followers count on the top left side bar?  Yep, you know what that means - - - a giveaway will be coming soon!  Stay tuned.


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  6. Really like your orange quilt! It is so cheery.

  7. First of all, congrats on your following! Wow!! Secondly, love that Orange you Glad quilt (cute play on color names). Finally, love this quilt tutorial! Can't wait to try it. Now I'm off to visit Jamie's blog :)

  8. What a cool quilt!!! I love it. Thank you for the tutorial!


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