Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hands2Help - Thank You For Your Quilty Hugs!

Hi, all!!

Today we're welcoming the first of our five guest bloggers for the Hands2Help Challenge!  I was so happy when Emily volunteered to do a guest post - hers was one of the first blogs I found way back when and I've always enjoyed keeping up with her.  She comes up with beautiful scrappy quilt designs that always make me smile.

If you haven't read her blog, Em's Scrapbagyou ought to check it out!  


I am so thankful to Sarah for once again choosing to have Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo be one of the donation destinations for all your generously made quilts.  I know they make a huge difference.  I hear over and over again the hope and love the recipients feel when they receive their quilty hug.  Let me share a recent thank you letter.

 Hi Ginger,
I have been following Happy Chemo since 2011. My family and I are huge supporters. This time last year my aunt on my husbands side lost the fight to cancer. However thank you to your beautiful blanket you gave her it is being passed along to one chemo patient after another. They absolutely love it and it has been such a healing blanket. I remember when our aunt opened up her gift she was so touched and blown away. It was so good to see her smile. And thank you for that.
Now a year later my grandfather is dying from cancer. My husband and I moved in with him and my grandma so I could be his caregiver. I never knew how hard it could be but at the same time so rewarding. It is so hard watching someone your love dying before you. He has exhausted all options. Cancer really does suck!
Anyway I just wanted to share my aunts story with you and about the traveling quilt.
Thank you so much for all you do and the smiles you create.
I appreciate it so much especially since I have lost someone so dearly to it and now taking care of my grandfather who is dying from it.
Thank you,

These letters warm my heart and I appreciate your generosity in helping to lighten the load of those suffering with this awful disease.  Keep those quilty hugs coming. They are so appreciated.


Thanks so much for reminding us why we are making these quilts, Emily!  It is wonderful to see the responses of people who receive them.  Just a small reminder, at least for me, of the real reason we quilt.

Remember too, that next week is our first check-in date!  I'll have a linky set up so you can link up your progress - or lack of it (and believe me, I'm right there with you!)  But I'm hearing about all kinds of quilting going on for the challenge, and this is your chance to share!  I hope you'll stop on by and link up - and it doesn't have to be a new post - if you've posted about your H2H quilt in the recent past, feel free to link up that post.  That will be next Sunday, April 20th!




  1. So nice to know the quilt is appreciated. There is lots of love worked into a quilt, along with time and financial resources...
    Thank you Sarah, and Em for all that you two do to help us make these quilts count.

  2. I am sewing the binding down on my happy chemo quilt this week!!!! Thank you for reaffirming our purpose! All day, as I quilted it together, I thought and prayed about the lucky recipient of my quilt!! It really is just so wonderful to be able to give someone a quilty hug!!!
    Thank you BOTH for your work behind the scenes...V:)


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