Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Make-A-List Monday - #1 - Get New Internet Service...

Hi, all!

Guess what?  It's Tuesday, Tax Day, and winter is back again in Middle Tennessee!  It was 82 degrees yesterday, and this morning we're having snow flurries.  The weather has been wreaking havoc with my internet service, so I'm sitting in Panera drinking a cinnamon latte and using theirs to write this post  But I did notice a great potential quilting pattern in the upholstery of the seat behind my computer screen!

So I guess it's not a total waste of time to be here.  You never know where you'll find inspiration, do you?

But now it's time (past time!) to get down to business and see how I did on last week's list

1.  Quilt and bind four quilts for current ministry requests.
Done!  In order below, these went to a woman diagnosed with a rare cancer immediately after giving birth, a breast cancer survivor now diagnosed with brain cancer, a mother of five Down's Syndrome children (four of them adopted) just diagnosed with breast cancer, and a woman who just lost her son to suicide.

2.  Make a quilt for a friend just diagnosed with breast cancer.
Done!  The weather wasn't good enough to take pics yesterday (rain and lots of wind to go with those 82 degree temps) but here's proof that it's done...

3.  Iron the interfacing onto the t-shirts (commission quilt).
Woohoo!!!  Done!!!  The hard part is over - now on to the piecing of the top!!

4.  Finish the Swoon blocks.
Have I told you how much I despise making these blocks?  I managed to get three more finished, for a total of six, and I have the seventh laid out ready to sew together this morning.  I'm hoping to knock out all three remaining blocks today so I can start putting the top together!

5.  Quilt the first granny square baby quilt.
I didn't get to this one.  Fortunately this baby isn't due until May!

6.  Pull yard sale items.
I did pull out some big items and sent them to my daughter's house but there's still plenty more to weed through!

7.  Keep up with any other ministry needs that arise.
Done!  The first quilt is going to a woman just diagnosed with colon cancer, and the second to a man with a brain tumor.

So even though I didn't get everything done, I'm happy with how last week's list went.  Here's what's on my plate for this week

1.  Finish the last three Swoon blocks.

2. Cut the sashing for the commission t-shirt quilt.

3.  Quilt the granny square baby quilt.

4.  Assemble the donated Celtic Solstice quilt top.

5.  Write a post for the Piece*Love*Quilt blog. 
(Hopefully in the next fifteen minutes!)

6.  Keep up with ministry needs as they arise. There aren't any on the list right now but that can change drastically in the course of a few minutes.  So I'll make hay while the sun shines on the other things on my list in the meantime!

7.  Pull more yard sale items for my daughter.

8.  If weather and time permits, 
work on a new planter in the front yard.

Okay, I think that's enough!  I've definitely got my work cut out for me today, and we'll see how the rest of the week goes after that.  

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Gah! I really dislike making t-shirt quilts.They just aren't fun to do:P

  2. As usual some very pretty quilts.

  3. my my my my oh my have you been stitching your with your heart

  4. Beautiful quilts! Hope you have a Happy Easter : )

  5. I am also making the swoon quilt and the first four blocks
    When find and I love the finished block but I am tired of them and cutting them out just flared up my sciatica so badly. The blocks are all cut and three more to go we will have to trade pictures when finished.
    Blessing Sandra

  6. I shouldn't make comments so late at night I hope you can figure out what I am saying. I get a little punchy after eleven. Sandra


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