Monday, July 28, 2014

Make-A-List Monday - Yipee!! Two More Quilts To Make!!!

Hi, all!

Well, it's Monday again - and I'm still alive!  Last week was amazing - two adoption fundraisers completed and a huge success!  The bunco party (more about bunco below!) raised $745 and the quilt giveaway/raffle ended up raising $2625!!!  So a grand total of $3390 for the week - not bad at all!

But - we received almost $1000 in donations on the final day of the quilt giveaway/raffle, which means I will need to make two more quilts!

First, though, let's see how I did on last week's list….

1.  Finish the fourth giveaway quilt. (More below!)
Done!  It turned out really nice, too!  My husband named it "Connected" because if you invert the design, it looks like the wireless connected icon on your computer.

2.  Draw winners for the quilt giveaway!
Done!  We had six winners, and if you missed it, you can read about it here.

3.  Gather up prizes and supplies for the bunco party.
Done!  It was a wild ride, but we ended up with everything we needed, including over fifty prizes!

4.  Make or bake lots of good food for the bunco party.
Mmmmm…..  I tried out some great new recipes!  Bunco Buns, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and an amazing Whipped Pineapple Angel Food Fluff Trifle.  Lots of other folks brought some wonderful food, too - we ate, talked, played bunco and had a ball!

5.  Spend some quality time with my grand girls!
Done!  They are both growing up so fast - it's hard to believe Lilli will be in first grade this year, and Emmy got to do the potty dance several times last week!  Plus she's really getting the hang of sign language - even teaching me some new words!  We learned horse and cow last week, and today we learned tiger and lion!

6.  Blog about the quilts that went to NY last week for Hurricane Sandy survivors.
Still haven't done this….  bad blogger…..

7.  Keep up with any ministry needs that arise.
Done!  We gave away this quilt, designed, pieced and quilted by Tommy, to a gentleman awaiting a double lung transplant….

and this quilt went to a woman with colon cancer.

So, while I didn't get everything done, it was a good and very busy week.  But this week - - - oh, this week will be busy too!  Here's what's on tap…

1.  Make a fifth giveaway quilt.

2.  Make a sixth giveaway quilt!

3.  Start working on a quilt for Nancy to raffle off at an upcoming craft show.

4.  Work on final details for upcoming women's event at church.

5.  Keep up with all quilt ministry needs that arise.

I'm on the committee for the women's event at church in less than two weeks, and there's so much to do between now and then - I don't think I'll have time for much more than that and making the two giveaway quilts!  I've started working on quilt #5 - hopefully will have that top pieced by tomorrow afternoon.  I know what I'm going to do for quilt #6, too, so at least I won't be wandering through my pattern books trying to figure out what to make!  And I know what I'm going to do for the quilt for Nancy, too.  

I hear sleep is highly overrated……

Oh, and so many of you asked about bunco - apparently it's not a well known game in other parts of the country!  Here's a quick run down. You have three dice and four players at each table.  You are partners with the person across the table from you.  There are six "rounds" in each "set" of bunco.  In each round, you are rolling for a different number - in round one, you are rolling for ones, round two for twos, etc.  For every one you roll in round one, you receive one point.  As long as you roll a one, you get to keep rolling.  If you don't roll a one, the dice pass to the next player. You and your partner are trying to reach a total of twenty-one points to end the game.  While all this is going on, there are multiple tables playing the same game.  

Now, a bunco is when you roll three of a kind of the number you are shooting for that round.  (In round one, that would be three ones.)  Rolling bunco involves lots of yelling, dancing, wearing of the bunco boa (a fluffy scarf that goes from hand to hand as different people roll bunco!)

The round ends for everyone when someone rolls bunco, or a team reach 21 points.  Then you move on to the next number, and so on until a whole set is finished.  Then you swap tables and sometimes partners, get more food, talk some more, you get the drill.  There's lots of variations in scoring, and every group seems to play a little differently.  But it's lots of fun and a great way to spend an evening with friends!

So that's pretty much what I'm working on this week, plus taking care of my sweet little grand girls!  Should keep me out of trouble, at least.

And now the question is - - - what are YOU working on the week?




  1. Oh my gosh Sarah! I'd be pleased as punch if I accomplished that much over the course of a couple of months! Wow wee you deserve a standing ovation!

    1. You know she didn't tell you about all the day to day things she did in between, like baking and dishes, cleaning and laundry....

    2. Baking? Who has time for baking??? I did do the laundry, though…..

  2. Sarah, it makes me feel tired just reading what you manage to accomplish. Well done.

    1. I know she did other things she didn't tell us about, like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.

    2. Don't be so sure, Terri! I did do laundry, but very little cooking or cleaning! My hubby is very supportive when I'm stretched to the limit…. ;-)

  3. Bunco sounds like fun.
    Love the quilts sent out from the ministry, and the one at the top is amazing... the colors are so cheerful and I love that quarter log cabin for a pattern. (It's one on my Bucket List.)
    You know that REST is a valid use of your time, and good for your health.

  4. I used to play bunco when I lived in Tulsa. Don't forget to breath.

  5. It definitely was a productive and exciting week for you and it sounds like this week will be the same. Yippee for all the funds raised. One step closer to bringing him home.

  6. Congrats on the successful fundraisers for the adoption! Bunco sounds like fun. I've never played but thanks for the explanation.


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