Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Got the Snow Day Blues?

Feeling a little housebound?

Just can't find your car?

Need an excuse not to do this?

Would you rather admire this from afar than make it yourself?

I have a suggestion!!

Grab your fabric scraps, check out the Sweet Sixteen Quilt Along posts, and make a quilt!

The Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge starts in just 26 days - you could get a head start right now!

Stay warm and quilt on!!



  1. We didn't get that much snow, but I still made my snow day a quilting day ... but then again, I don't need much of an excuse to spend my day quilting! ;-)

  2. We had snow again this morning. I no longer think of them as snow days. It's just another day huddled near the wood burning stove. It is a great opportunity to sew.

  3. No snow day for me. I don't have many sweet 16 blocks but I will have a H2H quilt or two. Enjoy your time sewing.

  4. I'm in NC and from Australia. This was my first experience of snow...loved it! It's starting to melt now, so I'm back to sewing after playing out in it!

  5. Hoping to get my tops for H2H quilted after Quiltcon

  6. No snow here but it's about to get very cold (for us). I'm spending the day quilting the giant stars quilt, it's so pretty :)

  7. Wow... so much snow! We have had unusually light snowfall this winter but extreme cold - I'd prefer snow. Guess we can all stay inside and happily quilt.;-)

  8. I was "stuck" at a retreat in Kentucky under a foot of snow. Oh, darn. Got a lot done, though.


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