Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sweet Sixteen Quilt Along - A Visit From An Old Friend!

Hi, all!

We've made it to week six of the Sweet Sixteen Quilt Along - are you hanging in there?  If this is your first visit to the quilt along, here's what we've done over the past weeks.

Need to know how to make a sixteen-patch blocks, or learn some new techniques?  Check out the post from week one.  (And wait until you see the new technique I learned today - totally cool!!)  Then in the following weeks, I showed some ways to use your sixteen-patch blocks...

Sixteen patch blocks and pinwheels made up week two's quilt...

Week three showed a more modern take on sixteen patch blocks...

This giant one-block quilt was the offering for week four...

And this low volume postage stamp quilt was the offering for week five!


This week, our quilt is like a visit from an old friend!

It was a little bit windy the day I took these pictures...
So I laid it on the ground to get a good clear shot!

The front...

...and the back.

Now, I say that this quilt is like a visit from an old friend because I referred back to an old Hands2Help post (April 2012!) for the tutorial!  Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts shared the tutorial with us that year, and I put it on my bucket list.  When I was looking for 16-patch quilts to share, I found that tutorial and decided it was time to finally make it!  

I used a couple of salesman's samples of "Meet The Gang" that I picked up at an AQS quilt show a few years ago.  They had been languishing on the shelf waiting for me to do something with them for far too long!

I decided to add borders to mine to make it a bit larger - this quilt is  a great size for a baby or small toddler, about 42" square.  It's a great versatile pattern, easy to size up or down.

And I used some of the larger prints from "Meet The Gang" for the back.  I love a reversible quilt!

So that's our sixteen patch quilt for this week!  Have you decided on the design for your sixteen patch blocks yet?  There's still a few more options on the horizon - I started working on next week's just this weekend.  I think you'll really like it!

You can link up below if you want to show off what you've been working on - be sure to cheer each other on!!




  1. Wonderful creations here Sarah! and thanks for the party!

  2. I really like the colors on this top. It always amazes me how simple blocks look so much better when placed on point.

  3. Wonderful 16-patch block quilts. I'm piecing Sweet 16 blocks each week. Fun to see the many ways they can be pieced together to make pretty quilts.

  4. I just love the fabrics and color in this quilt - what a great addition to the Sweet16 line up.

  5. I love reversible quilts too, and you make it look easy. I'd like to know how you get them lined up so perfectly. I'm also amazed at the way you can whip out a quilt so fast. I love the Meet the Gang colors too.

  6. I need to get on board with the Sweet Sixteens. Beautiful quilts.
    Thanks for your encouragement.

  7. I too adore two sided quilts. It's always been my contention that the backs should be as gorgeous as the front. After all is said and done don't both sides get seen? Of course! lol All of your quilts are wonderful. I think my fav is the last one. I might have to go look up Amanda's tute for that. Thanks for sharing all of your lovelies. Have a great weekend!


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