Monday, February 23, 2015

Make-A-List Monday - Out of the Deep Freeze...

Hi, all!

I hope you all have had a safe week - it's been a wild one here in Tennessee, with ice storms, snow, kids out of school, massive rain - you name it, it's happened!  People here are experiencing the "ice dam" phenomenon for the first time - water leaking into their houses through the walls because their gutters and downspouts are full of ice.  So far, we seem to have avoided this particular problem (fingers crossed) and have only had to deal with ice, cold and terrible roads.  But through all of this, I did get a good bit of sewing done!  So let's see how I did on last week's list...

1.  Quilt the 6th 16-patch sample quilt.
Done!  This was certainly a cheerful quilt to work on last week!

2.  Work on the 7th 16-patch sample quilt.
I'm happy to say I finished this one today! No new pics yet, though - it was way too windy and cold to go outside for that long.  Here's a teaser, though...

3.  Decide on the design for the 8th 16-patch sample quilt.
I think I've got this one nailed down - I just have to get some other things out of the way before I cut this out.  I think you'll like it, though!

4.  Work on small items for Nancy's fundraiser auction.
In progress!  Here's one I worked on today... and I've got a few more ideas rolling around in my head.

5.  Gather up and organize prizes for a bunco fundraiser night.
In progress!  I'll need to work on this hard this week, though - the bunco party is next Thursday, 3/5.

6.  Keep up with all quilt ministry needs that arise.
Because of the weather, we didn't give away too many quilts this week, and the two that we did give away, I didn't get pictures of. But we have a quilt to an elderly gentleman with throat cancer who just had a hip replacement, and a young man with a new baby due any day who has been diagnosed with cancer.  I fully expect this week to be a bit busier as people start getting out and about again!

And here's something else I spent time on today...

Silly little girls!  I'll be spending a good bit of time with Emmy this week so my daughter can make up the work she missed last week.  Lilli heads back to school tomorrow, though, so we'll be back to our regular pickup-and-ice cream days.  I think we've both missed them!

So now, let's see what's on my plate for this week...

1.  Cut out the 8th sample quilt for the quilt along.

2.  Make small items for Nancy's fundraiser auction.

3.  Collect prizes for the bunco fundraiser.

4.  Write the tutorial for the next Sweet Sixteen quilt.

5.  Keep up with all ministry needs that arise.

I'm going to leave it at that for now, because I've got to do some work on fundraisers, and a whole lot of my time is going to be taken up with child care this week.  But if I can't be sewing, I can't think of a better way to spend my time!!

So now the question is - - -  what are YOU working on this week?

Quilt on and stay warm!



  1. sounds like you all in Tennessee have had it bad - cold here 22 all day but we missed the ice storms in my part of Arkansas. Finished my granddaughters quilt so now I am back to trying to finish up my hexie quilt and the quilt on the hand quilting frame - both are nearing completion!

  2. We do ice here in Canada quite routinely. I had one granddaughter here for the day home sick from school.

  3. I had seen about the ice storms in different areas - I hate snow, but ice is just treacherous. Time with those two cuties is priceless, so enjoy them - they grow too fast.

  4. I just love the colors in your quilt at the top of the post.

  5. seeing your 16 patch quilts makes me want to make one. They are wonderful!

  6. Those little girls sure are growing up - right here on your blog. Still really sweet!

  7. I got hit by the ice dam, of course it was my quilting studio and garage below. Barely missing my Millie. Love your quilt, about the color of the one I'm working on.


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