Friday, July 1, 2016

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Big Things A-Coming.....

Hi, all!

It's Friday again - and we all know what that means, right?  It's time to get our whoop whoop on!!  Are you ready?  I am!  So let's get started...

This week, I've been working hard on something special - my contribution to the upcoming Twelve Days of Christmas in July blog hop!  I'm hosting the hop, so each day I'll be letting you know where to find each day's bloggers.  And I'm especially excited about my part in the hop.  For twelve days, starting on July 14th and ending on July 25th, I'll be leading you through a Christmas quilt-along.  If you can put in an hour or less each day, I can pretty much guarantee that you will have a beautiful Christmas quilt top by the end of the hop.  I'll be breaking the quilt down into simple steps, and including some tips that will make each step go quickly and easily.  Many of you have wondered how I can get quilts finished so quickly - I'll be sharing some of those tips with you!

Now, I don't want to reveal the quilt I've been working on yet (I still need to quilt it!) but I can reveal the EQ7 diagram...

If you think this is something you'd like to join in on, I'd suggest you do just a little bit of prep work.  First of all, gather up your fabrics.  Here are the fabric requirements that will yield a 76" square quilt:

Fabric for block centers, center- and cornerstones - 1/2 yard (you may wish to have extra for fussy cuts)

Fabric for inner (green) star - 3/8 yard

Fabric for outer (red) star - 1 1/4 yards

Background, sashing and border fabric - 3 7/8 yards

NOTE:  You could conceivably make this quilt scrappy, using assorted scraps in similar colors to make up the inner star and outer star.  Similarly, you could use a mix of low volume fabrics or white-on-white prints for the background fabrics.  If you are a scrappy quilter, I'm sure you can figure out your fabric requirements for this.  If not, just be sure you have enough of each color group to get a sufficient number of pieces in each color grouping from your scrap stash.  The instructions are geared toward using yardage for this quilt.

If you haven't done it already, press your fabrics, lining up the selvages neatly and trimming the ends as needed to make them even and straight.

This would also be a good time to put a fresh blade in your rotary cutter!  We will be cutting multiple layers of fabric, so a fresh blade is really helpful.  It will make your cutting go much faster if yo aren't dealing with a dull blade.

I do hope you'll join me!  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a beautiful new quilt to decorate your home with this Christmas season?

Linking up with Julie at Pink Doxies #bravequilter!


So that's what I'm whooping about this week!

And now it's your turn! 

What's got you whooping it up?

What's making you dance a little happy dance?

Share - we want to dance right along with you -
And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!




  1. I love Christmas, so a Christmas Blog Hop is right up my street. So looking forward to it starting. I like the look of your quilt, I could do with a lovely new Christmas quilt too. Time to have a rummage through my fabrics and a trip to the quilt shop I think.

  2. I was sorting some batiks today, just for fun, and know that there isn't a single red anywhere. Maybe time for some early birthday shopping for myself. This looks great, lovely pattern, and hopping is said to be good for your body, and soul .

  3. I love your block and reading your blog. I live in East Tennessee about 2 to 2-1/2 hours from you. Happy Stitching, Anna

  4. Sarah how you tempt me - I have been busily working on the same projects over and over every day trying to make progress and then you tempt me with this!!

  5. I don't think I will be able to quilt along as I have my own Christmas gift quilt projects going on. I will show my step by step process.
    Thank you for hosting - I've linked up!

  6. Oh well, no stitching going on here. Lots of dog training and pet care, a little bit of yard work, but not a single stitch. New dog in the family is rocking our world! It's a good thing he's cute! ❤️

  7. Sarah I love your pattern and wish I had time to quilt along! kudos!

  8. Yippee, bring on the Christmas inspiration! LOVE your design and looking forward to the hop!

    I am guest hosting the Ho Ho Ho, and on We Sew linkup on the 18th, and it coincides with your hop and QAL!I hope you will link up!

  9. Sarah your quilt looks fabulous, but I still haven't finished the Christmas BOM that I started 2 or 3 years ago, so I'm going to have to enjoy seeing others' quilts instead of starting YET ANOTHER new project of my own. However, maybe your Christmas In July project will motivate me to finish my project? All the blocks are done, it's just a question of deciding how to set them (as per the pattern, or coming up with something different), assembling the top, quilting, and then dealing with the red batik fabric that bleeds when it gets wet and is in EVERY. SINGLE. BLOCK... Now I'm remembering why I stuck that one in a corner of the room and walked away from it!

  10. Very festive quilt design Sarah, looking forward to seeing the finished quilt and taking part in the hop. I've announced the blog hop today here on my made by ChrissieD facebook page :D

  11. Anxious to learn your tips on getting a quilt done fast. Love the EQ sample.

  12. I love your design! I'm glad you are willing to share this, since it makes such a gorgeous quilt!

  13. Love the quilt along design.....I'm thinking of trying it with blues as a winter quilt, looks like snowflakes to me. :) In translating the design, the green has be stumped, may just a lighter shade of blue would work for that. Any thoughts?

  14. Looking forward to both the quiltalong and guest posting, Sarah! I have never made a Christmas quilt so this will be special.


  15. What a great pattern, Sarah! I think I want to give this one a try, just maybe not in Christmas colors. Looking forward to all the tips and guest postings, too.

  16. I can't wait to see what everyone has in store for Christmas in July! Thanks for hosting!

  17. Love your red and green star quilt design, Sarah. I'm interested to see the Christmas in July blog hog.


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