Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Gifting With Scraps!

Hi, all!

Sorry I'm so late getting this post up - it's been a crazy week and day, but I'm here now!  I've had the ideas for this post rolling around for a week, just no time to get it down for publication!

As I'm sure most of you have noticed by now, Christmas is just around the corner - a mere five Fridays from now, or 38 days!  So I thought it might be time for a scrappy gift ideas posts - because we all need little gifts around Christmas time, and we've all got scraps, right?  So here's a few ideas I've worked on myself, and a few I've seen floating around on the Internet...

This week I've been working on making some of these folded fabric stars to use for party favors and for ornament exchanges...

...and these little fabric bowls are super-simple, quick, and who can't use another dish to catch stuff on their sewing table, dresser, or kitchen counter?

Pincushions are one of my favorite things, and this is such a cutie - made with a tiny scrap of fabric, a bottle-cap, stuffing, hot glue, and a bit of ribbon! 

And speaking of pincushions, Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts did a great series of "a pincushion a day" posts if you need some wonderful ideas!

I spotted these on Instagram this week - what a great idea and way to use up those scraps of Christmas fabric you've got hanging around!

Need a great hostess gift?  How about hot pads or kitchen towels, either in seasonal holiday colors or to match the hostess's kitchen theme?

Or placemats?  Here you can see a wide variety, from true patchwork to strip piecing to a cheater fabric - all quick and easy and very useful!  We are making these to send with meals to shut-ins, in hopes of brightening up their homes for the holidays.

Coasters are always useful, too, and can use up those tiny bits of fabric that are just too pretty to throw away!

Do you, like me, have lots of "bonus HSTs" hanging around?  This would be the perfect way to use them up - and what a wonderful gift it would make for someone special!

And then, for the little people in your life (and the little stuffies in theirs) you can make these adorable sleeping bags!  What a great way to use up orphan blocks and leftover binding - - - and make a child smile from ear to ear at the same time!

You can see the links for most of these pictures and even more ideas on my Pinterest page, Oh Scrap!

Are you working on any great scrappy Christmas gifts?  Tell us about it in the comments below - we're always looking for awesome ideas!!


And remember way back when I started this feature on the blog, I gave away scraps to some folks who asked for them?  Well, Ali emailed me this picture today to show me the quilt she made for her daughter with the scraps I sent...

Isn't that just adorable?  Well done, Ali!!  

That's all for now - gotta get back to making more gifts - Christmas is coming like a fat man pulled by reindeer!!!




  1. Oh my gosh! What great suggestions for clearing out scraps. Thank you!

  2. Great ideas! I need small (cheap) gifts for a retreat and stocking stuffers, too.

  3. I have marked the folded stars to play with - they are adorable. I will have a tutorial this weekend for a small gift item that uses scraps.

  4. Great scrap ideas! Ali did a cute job with those scraps too.

  5. all stunningly cute! can't tell what i'm up to...would have to kill you...LOL

  6. Thanks for the great ideas! I looked through your pintrest page and didn't see the folded star ornaments, or am I blind LOL Oh and the fabric bowl?

  7. Those are some great ideas! Thank you!

  8. Sleeping bags for stuffed animals...So. Flippin'. Adorable. And I love that your ministry is giving holiday placemats to shut ins.

    I just sewed up a dog bed out of scraps and completely stuffed it with fabric and batting trimmings, then donated it to a local dog rescue organization. It was nice to get that volume of "stuff" off the boat!

  9. Love all the scrappy gift ideas! I'm thinking those folded stars up top would look cute instead of a bow on packages.

  10. Great ideas, but the wee doll/teddy bear beds, they are so lovely.And how nice is that to get a photo of a quilt made with your scraps.

  11. Those are some very good scrap ideas!
    I am inspired to make "scrap cloth" and use it to make some bags.

  12. Some great ideas here! Thanks for sharing them.

  13. Useful, fun ideas - thanks for rounding them up for us! Scrappy Christmas sewing hasn't started for me yet!

  14. Thanks for those ideas.It smells Christmas!

  15. Thank you for these ideas! My stress level just dropped! Great ideas!

  16. Oh my -- I missed this post last week (packing for trip maybe?) -- what great ideas! Thanks! Wendy at


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