Monday, December 12, 2016

Make-A-List Monday - Can You Hear Those Sleighbells Yet???

Hi, all!

Wow, these last weeks of the year seem to fly by, don't they?  It doesn't seem like it's been seven days since I last wrote a list - but it has!  I hope you're remembering to take time to enjoy the season amid your mad crafting - I'm trying to but it isn't always easy, is it?  

Let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Make three beach blankets (commission job).
Done!  Hooray!!!  I am loving how these came out!!

Sorry for the oh-so-unartful picture - but it is raining cats and dogs outside and I need to get these delivered today! It's easy to see how big these are, though - that's laying on top of my king-size bed, and pretty much covers the top of it!

2.  Make the t-shirt blocks for three commission t-shirt quilts.
Started, but not completely finished.  I'm hoping to get to these this afternoon...

3.  Sort through my stash of Christmas presents and figure out what else I need to get.
Done!  And I was in much better shape than I thought I was - only a few more things to get to round it all out.  Hooray!!

4.  Research sewing with real fur for a commission request. (If anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear them!)
Thank you so much for your tips - I learned more from them than from my on-line research!  I feel a lot more confident about taking on this job now.

5.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  An easy week this week - only two requests.  This one is for a lady who is dealing with some on-going health issues...

...and this one went to an elderly gentleman dealing with cancer.

So I didn't do too badly last week.  Didn't quite get everything done that I wanted to - although if I had been able to write this post tonight, I might have made it (but I have a Christmas party tonight, hence the early post!)  Let's see what's up for this week...

1.  Make the blocks for the t-shirt commission quilts.

2.  Start piecing the t-shirt commission quilts.

3.  Make two large floor pillows for a friend.

4.   Work on three quick sewing projects for gifts.

5.  Work on a special art project for a gift.

6.  Keep working on some knitted projects for gifts.

7.  Mail some out of town packages.

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

Definitely more than enough to keep me out of trouble!  Thankfully I think I've nearly finished the Christmas shopping, thanks to a fun time at the mall with this little mess...

We went to Build-A-Bear with her for her annual birthday bear, which this year turned out to be a reindeer!  Always a fun time, and pretty much the only way you're getting me in a mall at this time of the year.  We did a little Christmas shopping while we were there, too, and between that and some on-line purchases, I'm almost finished.  Whew!!

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Your lists and finished items leave me in awe!!! I have 2 little gifts stowed away, bought ages ago, and as family all live elsewhere, vouchers are what they all want for Christmas. Love the mall photo, great fun.

  2. I injured my elbow before Thanksgiving, so, I'm moving in slow motion and am now way behind on finishing gifts.

  3. OH I love the reindeer! I'm almost finished quilting a small applique quilt done with the 'Crafted Applique' technique. One more row of blocks(tomorrow)and I'll get to see what she looks like!

  4. I'd admire how much you got finished this week plus being almost done with Christmas shopping. I haven't even started shopping yet. I don't get in the mood until the weather turns cold. I'm still helping others get their quilts finished so mine come last. Good luck on all your 'to do' for next week.

  5. Your beach blankets turned out really nice.

  6. I think I'm done with sewing projects for Christmas (I didn't have many). I planned to quilt yesterday, but got distracted organizing a cabinet. Haha. I need to find my focus! Wendy at

  7. So beautiful projects.I`m doing ornaments and small Christmas projects.

    Wishing a great week.

  8. I really like that last donation quilt, great scrap buster and perfect for anyone according to the scraps used. That reindeer is adorable, I love Build a Bear even though I've never been :)

  9. Woo hoo, you got a lot done this week! I love that Lilli picked a reindeer this year :)

    I have two quilty goals this week: make 4 or 6 placemats as an engagement gift, and bind and wash a retirement gift quilt, once we get the boat to a dock where we can add water. We can carry enough water on board for everything except the washing machine, which is a real guzzler!


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