Monday, February 13, 2017

Make-A-List Monday - Treading Water...

Hi, all!

Welcome to Monday!  It's hard to believe how fast the weeks fly by, but here we are again.  I've been battling a miserable cold and sore throat this week (which seems to be finally vacating the premises) but it's had me moving slowly.  I'm ready to get back to normal!

Let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Quilt the Stunning Stars quilt pieced last week.
Done!  I love the way this one turned out, and you can find the tutorial for it here.

2.  Cut and piece the next Stunning Stars quilt.
Done!  My husband has laid claim to this one already... I can't show the whole thing yet, but here's a sneak peek!

3.  Quilt tops for Stash Builder Box.
This one was hard this week.  I managed to make the backs for and quilt and bind two of the quilts, but have eight more to go.  Looks like this one will carry on into this week!

4.  Finalize the charities for Hands2Help.
5.  Send out the sponsor request emails.
These two fell through the cracks this week too.  I think I have all the info I need, just couldn't stay awake long enough to get it on the blog and into an email!  Hopefully I can get it done this week.

6.  Assemble at least one border for the Dear Jane quilt.
Nope.  I definitely can't work on this one with a foggy brain!

7.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  We had an easy week, only two quilts...

This quilt went to a woman who is undergoing treatment for cancer...

...and this one went to a new little baby boy in our church!

And I did manage to do one more thing this week...

I made this (pretty spectacular) chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake FROM SCRATCH... for my husband for Valentine's Day.  It's really pretty good, if I say so myself!

So, not a whole lot got done this week - basically just the things that absolutely had to get done.  I'm hoping to have time to do more stuff this week!  Here's the list...

1.  Quilt and bind the next quilt in the Stunning Stars series.

2.  Clean up the house for a LuLaRoe pop-up party here this coming Saturday morning.

3.  Quilt more of the quilts for Stash Builder Box.

4.  Pull together my class supplies for QuiltCon!

5.  Write the tutorial for the next Stunning Stars quilt.

6.  Prepare my blogposts for next week (while I'm at QuiltCon!)

7.  Finalize the charities and sponsor requests for Hands2Help.

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

There's lots more I could work on, but the house needs a good bit of cleaning before that party - so I need to focus on that first.  Then I can play!  

And speaking of QuiltCon, are any of you going?  I'd love to meet up with you while I'm there - it will be fun to see people in real life!  So let me know in your comment, and I'll email you and see if we can work out a time to meet!

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Hi Sarah, good to hear you're starting to feel better! I'm working on a Doggie commissioned quilt this week and I want to collect all the supplies I'll need for QuiltCon too - I hope to get a lot of FMQ done on the 5 quilts in the waiting pile! See you there!!

  2. I've been working on 'secret' projects, and can't show them yet. I make a great chocolate chunk cheesecake. Get better quickly!

  3. Glad to hear you seem to be getting better. No QuiltCon for me, but I look forward to reading your impressions and adventures.

  4. Oh my! I feel like I've done nothing when I look at your list! Well done!

    I would love to go to QuiltCon sometime.

    Lorraine in Far North Queensland, Australia

  5. let us know how you like Quilt Con nope not going this year - that cheesecake looks terrific - love them but made a chocolate cake this year

  6. Don't beat yourself up! If you're sick, you need to rest and take it slowly. I think I'll really like the next star quilt - not that I haven't liked the others, I have! - I see a lot of orange and I love orange! Can't wait to see it.
    Also loving the Stash Builder Box quilts!
    I'll be at QuiltCon! With several friends and I can't wait. I went by myself to Pasadena last year, and had a blast. It will be different and a lot of fun to go with friends this year. I'd LOVE to meet you, finally!
    What classes are you taking? I'm taking Sheryl Lynn Woods's all day class Sunday and a 3 hour paper-piecing class with Violet Craft Friday morning. Otherwise I'll be pretty flexible.

  7. Wow! You got a lot done! Cheesecake looks delicious!!! I love your star quilt patterns! Need to get busy and sew some up!

  8. The Stunning Stars came out beautiful! Hopefully you'll kick the rest of the cold quickly. A friend of mine (and one of your long time readers) will be going to QuiltCon this year. YAY! We're going to be there Friday & Saturday. Doing a happy dance here. ;)


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