Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I May Have A Scrap Problem... July Results and August Goals!

Hi, all!

Wow, it feels like it's been a long time since we've had a scrappy Wednesday, but now that the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop is over, it's time to get back to normal life!  I'm looking forward to more time to sew this month, as you'll see by my goals.  But first let's look at July's goal...

Remember that dratted tub "B"?  

About 30 pounds (approximately 100 yards) of scraps in that tub, some of which I didn't even remember!  And it seemed like the more of them I took care of, the more there were in the box... but I finally made it...


So now that I've finally conquered that goal (whew!), I need a new one for August.  I debated picking a slip out of the box, but I have two quilts I want to make so I decided to make those my goal for the month.  The first one is a combination of two I talked about last month - I said I wanted to make Lilli a scrappy blue quilt for Christmas, and also that I wanted to make one of these...

And then it occurred to me that I could combine the two - make Lilli a blue version of Jamie's Summer Wedding quilt!  I originally thought to use blues for the rings, with the scrappy low volume background - but Lilli really wanted a very blue quilt.  So I reversed the coloring and used low volume for the rings...

And we're BOTH very happy with this version!  Lilli has already gone through my blue scraps and picked out the "acceptable" ones, which appear to be the bright, clear blues.  No navy, no gray-blues - it's going to be a pretty quilt!  

And then I saw Jamie's beautiful Kitchen Sink quilt and got the bug to make one for myself!

I've had a box of 40 Cotton + Steel fat quarters sitting around here for a couple of years (which takes them into the scrap control arena as far as I'm concerned...) and I've already cut it up into a BUNCH of 4.5" triangles!  I'm ready to get started on this one, too.  I think I can make a really big quilt, maybe even big enough for my king-size bed.

So those are my goals for August - work on both of those quilts.  Maybe even finish them - wouldn't that be awesome?

How did you do on your July goals?  I'd love to know! You can link up below - the link will stay open for a week, so plenty of time to join in.  




  1. Ok, I am totally smitten with the kitchen sink quilt. Any info on it? Is it a kaleidoscope quilt? I have tubs of scraps, this would be perfect.

  2. I just won that pattern from Jamie last week! Congrats on emptying B tub-what sizes did you cut those scraps into?

  3. my goal for July was to finish Tumalo Trails and Bird Brain and I did!!

  4. Good Morning! LOL, our posts are so similar! I am finishing up my "Kitchen Sink #1" and moving on to finish #2. I am looking forward to your version of "Summer Wedding"!!!

  5. Yay for getting that scrap bucket to empty! I can't wait to see progress on your August goals.

  6. I can have NO goals in the summer by the month. The best I can do is a goal for the season besides the gardening goals. I put aside sewing goals for door painting goals and THAT is going well. Love that blue background quilt.
    xx, CArol

  7. Congrats on getting through that scrap tub! I'm looking forward to seeing both of those quilts; the patterns are lovely.

  8. Good job on the scrap bin. Love the Kitchen Sink quilt! Can't wait to see yours.

  9. Yay for an empty scrap box!!!! The Summer Wedding quilt is incredible...and so is the Kitchen Sink one--great goals that we will look forward to seeing them in progress!

  10. Congratulations for those projects, the blue one my best favortite.Looking forward your august goals.
    July goals are more or less empty because I was on holidays with one of my sisters and kids and I only made hexies,and can´t wait to jump to my august goals.

    Wishing you all a fantastic August!!

  11. Love, love, LOVE Jamie's Kitchen Sink quilt!! It will be interesting to see how different your version will be.

  12. Congratulations on clearing out that tub! That was a lot of work!

  13. The B tub was 30 pounds?? Wow, that's a boatload of scraps!! Kitchen Sink is such a pretty pattern, I'm sure yours will be gorgeous. I did a kaleidoscope pattern last year and it helps to not stress too much about the points. All those pieces are super bias-y and point matching was hard for me. Fortunately, the secondary patterns still are awesome when not perfectly matched :)

  14. I love the summer blue weddingquilt. I would like to make one from my scraps for a wedding present. It might not get done before the wedding, but I can sort my blue scraps right? Is it big enough for a queen-sized bed?

    1. The pattern has cutting instructions and layouts for throw, twin, full/queen, and king sizes!!

  15. I saw that wedding quilt on display at a local quilt shop. Ahhh i love it. Some day! I founf a similar pattern I'm working on. Cant wait to see yours.


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