Thursday, January 10, 2019

Can You Help? The Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project

Hi, all!

Recently I was asked by Carole of From My Carolina Home to help spread the word about her current project, collecting quilts for the many families affected by Hurricanes Florence and Michael on the North Carolina coast.  They are hoping to collect more than 4500 quilts for those whose homes were completely destroyed!  That's a lot of quilts, but definitely not too many for this fabulous quilting community to help meet.  

This project is going to go on through Summer 2019, so there's plenty of time to make one or more quilts, or participate in other ways.  You can find more information on Carole's post, which is chock-full of ideas, suggestions, and ways you can help.  She's even connecting piecers up with quilters if you don't have a way to quilt your own work.  She'll be putting updates for the project on that post, too, so you might want to bookmark it.

She is asking that completed quilts be bed sized - twin, full or queen - since they are only able to provide one quilt per household. The need is so great, they will only be able to provide one per household if this project really takes off, so I hope you'll be able to join in.

And here's an added incentive - the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project will be one of the charities for Hands2Help 2019.  So you can help Carole and join in the festivities for H2H this year at the same time!

So - do you need a great idea for a quick twin-size quilt?  How about a giant disappearing nine-patch?   This is a super simple quilt (you can find the tutorial here) that's easy to adapt to make twin size.  The one pictured above requires 45 10" squares, and measures 57" x 71".  To make it twin size, you simply need to add nine more 10" squares so you can make one more 9-patch block, which turns into one more row in the layout.  That will yield a quilt that measures approximately 57" x 84".

Here's a very bad picture of one I made last summer using 54 totally different 10" squares.  It is totally scrappy.  If you want one more controlled, or with a more eye-catching pattern, you can use the same print or color for all the centers as I did in the smaller one.

This is a very fast quilt to make - I have literally made one in less than three hours.  Plus it has the added advantage of being able to make from scraps or those random fat quarters you have hanging around!  

So let's get to work and spread some quilt-y love in North Carolina!!




  1. These quilts will be so welcome, and they show how many people really care.

  2. 'Glad to hear that this will be part of H2H 2019. I have already sent several blocks to Carole back when she was needing blocks. I will be participating in H2H again this year for sure and hope to complete a twin size for it.

  3. Great information about an ongoing project to help comfort the thousands of Hurricane survivors. I sent numerous blocks to Carole for both the California Fire Quilt Project and the Carolina Hurricane Project. Several of the gals in my Guild did the same for the Hurricane Project. I am going to try your 10'' block pattern this weekend. The Disappearing Nine Patch is always a successful pattern. Thanks for all your wonderful posts. D. Weeks (aka Momma Llama)

  4. Why am I not surprised that you've thoughtfully added this to H2H? I can surely add something. Thanks for spreading the word.

  5. Thank you for the Disappearing Nine Patch reminder. I want to make more charity quilts that I can do quickly and I like this look. I'm going to post a reminder for Carole's efforts as well. I'm glad the hurricane quilts will be included in the H2H this year. I'm also working on Camp Fire quilts.

  6. Nothing like a quilt to give some hominess to wherever they are staying!

  7. Thank you for including the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project in this year's H2H. I've already sent Carole blocks, but will put a twin size quilt (about as big as I can easily quilt on my Bernina) on my to-do list.

  8. Thanks for this inspiration! Last time I made a twin quilt, the pattern had lots of small pieces and it ended up being quite heavy and hard for me to quilt on my domestic machine. I'm going to try again with this simpler, lighter pattern and donate to CHQP. It's a great use of a layer cake plus a few added pieces from the stash!

  9. I'm glad to see this will be included in H2H this year. Is there a coordinated effort to provide quilts to victims of the Camp Fire? I've sent blocks to Carole for the Carolina Hurricane Project and just sent a quilt from my personal collection as well. I'd like to do more but postage is going to kill me!


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