Monday, January 28, 2019

Make-A-List Monday - Snow Day? Maybe!

Hi, all!

Welcome to Monday!  I'm guessing that you may be prepping for some serious winter weather this week, as it seems to be hitting most of the country.  Here in the Nashville area, we never know what we'll get, but we don't let that stop us from closing or delaying schools the night before just in case!  I made sure that I had plenty of projects to sew on in the unlikely chance that we get snowed or iced in - because I'd hate to run out of things to do!

Let's check and see how last week's list went...

1.  Find backings for the last two Rockin' Rectangles quilts.
2.  Quilt at least two of the Rockin' Rectangles quilts.
Done!  Two cute backs, and two quilts finished!  The one with the flamingo back was featured in this past Sunday's tutorial.

3.  Quilt a ministry quilt for an adoption.
Done!  And it's been given to the adoptive parents, who will be heading to China sometime in February to pick up their new son!

4. Quilt two additional ministry quilts.
Done!  Slowly but surely, we're rebuilding our stash of finished quilts...

5.  Write at least one Rockin' Rectangles tutorial.
One down, five to go!

6.  Cut pieces for the memory quilt.
This project jumped to the back burner temporarily; I'll explain why below.

7.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
We gave away several quilts this week; the adoption quilt shown above is one of them.

This beautiful (and very large) quilt went to an elderly couple who are both experiencing serious health issues.

This quilt went to a woman who was just diagnosed with colon cancer.

Now, as to what I was working on instead of the memory quilt.  I got a request for a special ministry quilt that was needed in a hurry. Some collaboration on colors and fabrics by phone, and this fabric pull was the result...

Some quick cutting and sewing, then trimming up one hundred half square triangles....

...and today I finished this top, a version of the Supernova pattern!

I also spent a little time on organization this week, finding a final place for my new scrap storage cart...

It now fits at the end of my sewing table, and the shelf that was in that spot (on the right in the picture below) is now in front of the table.  That spot used to be filled with a tub of t-shirt scraps and a big pile of "stuff" - batting, tops that needed work, etc. - and was a ridiculous looking mess.  Now the shelf has ministry quilts that need to be quilted, along with a few that need some TLC, and a couple of storage boxes (feedback fabrics and binding scraps).  It looks so much nicer now!

And can you see my quilt ladder in the background?  I decided it would be a good place to hang quilt tops in need of quilting!  This way they can be decorative and still remind me they are "quilts-in-waiting"!

OK - enough about last week!  Here's what's on my radar for this week...

1.  Finish the Supernova ministry quilt.

2.  Write at least one Rockin' Rectangles tutorial.

3.  Quilt two ministry quilts.

4.  Quilt one more Rockin' Rectangles quilt.

5.  Cut out the memory quilt pieces.

6.  Work on cleaning up my office.

7.  Meet with a client about a t-shirt quilt.

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

So definitely enough to keep me busy, and if it's too cold to go outside, then I'll be happy as can be to stay inside and sew!  

And now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. LOL - they do that in Arkansas too but we aren't getting the snow so school is still on as far as I know- pretty darn cold though - stay warm - you will have plenty to work on I'm sure!!

  2. We were supposed to get an inch or so today and ended up with about 6", about 12 miles from us they got a foot! They really missed the forecast this time. I think putting your "To Be Quilted" pieces on your quilt ladder is a brilliant solution.

  3. We are looking at 8-12" with this storm with sub-zero temps. Quilting sounds very enjoyable right now. You are so organized - a must to get accomplished what you do.

  4. excellent organizing! finishing up 2 fabric paper doll books, quilting a UFO...and today is a snow er sew day!

  5. Nobody wants to know what the weather is like in south Florida this week! Outraged locals are putting on socks. Socks!! Nobody wears socks here LOL!

    I like your quilt ladder to display WIPs. Very decorative! I have a spring tension curtain rod that fits between two built in cabinets, and I hang my "to be quilted" tops there. It has a built-in reminder system when there are too many tops hanging on falls down! Then I know it's really time to get cracking on some finishes :)

  6. Oh for a snow day...With my new job, it is doubtful that I'll get a snow day, or even an extreme cold day since the wife of my client works in the health care field, and health care doesn't close down for weather. Somehow I don't think either you or I will ever run out of things to do in the sewing room.

  7. you are definitely one busy lady!

  8. Nice job on last week and best of luck in this week's goals!! And... WHERE did you say you got that cart, again? NEED it!!

  9. What size are the half squares in the elderly couples quilt? I'm on a mission to use up some of my scraps and this looks perfect. I love it!

  10. Beautiful job on the 'last minute' quilt!

  11. Wow...that's quite the list. Good luck.

  12. Love the Supernova - it looks like jewels with the black.


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