Friday, April 24, 2020

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? A Productive Week!

Hi, all!

Friday has finally rolled around again - or maybe you call it "thatotherday" now?  The days do seem to run together but according to my calendar, it IS Friday - and that means it's time for us to get our whoop whoop on!  Are you ready?  I sure am - so let's get started!


This week was a very good week!  I think people started cleaning out their closets, and I had several requests about t-shirt quilts and other assorted commission work.  

This quilt, a gift for a retiring co-worker, was made by a friend of mine.  I wish I could show you more - it is a lovely quilt made with lots of thought about the recipient!  I'm happy I got to be a small part of this quilt's story as I did the quilting and binding.

And I really enjoyed quilting this beautiful top - look at all those wonderful Kaffe fabrics!  This one really brightened up my sewing room this week.  I'm going to miss it when I give it back to my customer this weekend!

And then came the masks!  I had a request from my husband to make masks for the wife of one of his co-workers, who will be starting chemo treatments next week - and of course I said yes.  I made ten masks for her and her husband (and of course I forgot to take a picture of the finished masks - but there they are in nascent form!)  Five of those pictured above went to a couple of ladies who requested masks via email on Wednesday, and those were mailed off Thursday afternoon.

Then after I got back from delivering masks, I decided I might better make some more to keep on hand for future requests - and I finished fifteen more.  Good thing, too, because I checked my email while making supper and found another request for more masks!

And speaking of supper, doesn't that look yummy?  An Italian chicken stew, made in my instant pot.  It was delicious, and will be a frequent favorite at our house.  Came in a frozen bag from Walmart and took about half an hour to make from start to dishing up - I'm hoping they have other flavors!

Thursday I also finished this ministry quilt, which will be going to a young woman, pregnant with twins, who has been put on bed rest.

And just in case you think I'll sit back now and take it easy, never fear - that double stack of t-shirts represents my next project - a queen size puzzle style t-shirt quilt!  That should keep me busy most of next week, I imagine!

So - - - can I get a whoop whoop?


And now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

What's making you do a little happy dance?

Share!  We want to dance right along with you,

And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!




  1. I feel like masks are all I ever make these days, but I, too, am thankful to be able to help. I can't wait to see your puzzle T-shirt quilt!

  2. Wowza, you have been busy! So many pretty quilts and masks. Are you all settled in your new home, or is that a work in progress?

  3. I have made so many masks I hear the word "mask" in my dreams. Early on I ran out of elastic and began making bias ties. If nothing else I've gotten pretty good at making bias tape and stitching it evenly. Stay well and thank you for the linky party.

  4. You are certainly keeping your mojo going! Great job! Love that Kaffe quilt. Looking forward to your t-shirt puzzle. Great job on sharing the masks. Yes, thank you for hosting the link up.

  5. Great finishes! I'm late to the party but am working on my mini!

  6. Love your enthusiasm and all of your lovely finishes!

  7. You had an extremely busy week! I'll be making another batch of masks soon too! The requests are insane!

  8. Sarah, you certainly have been busy this week! I also have made a good many masks for friends, family and a local nursing home. I have run out of elastic and have been usin 'yarn' made from t-shirts. Speaking of t-shirts, I am in the middle of making a puzzle style t-shirt quilt but ran out of interfacing and can't find more anywhere. Can I ask you what kind of interfacing do you use to stabilize the t-shirts?

  9. Client quilting and commissions coming in, too? What a blessing! You are SEW good to fit that charity sewing and mask making into the mix.

  10. You are incredible! What a fabulous amount of work and sewing done in one week.

  11. Wondering what a puzzle t-shirt quilt looks like. I am about to make one and always looking for new ideas.

  12. Oh, that stew looks yummy! I was hoping you had a recipe, so I'm off to ask Chef Google for one now :)

  13. I like that Kaffe quilt, too! His colors and designs are always so happy to me. You have been really busy! Good job on the masks. I've made some, and will make more, but not my favorite thing to do, for sure!

  14. That is such a happy bright kaffe quilt - it probably made you feel like spring time!!


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