Wednesday, April 8, 2020

I May Have A Scrap Problem... A Little Sanity In This Crazy World!

Hi, all!

Still hanging in there?  We are - although I have to admit that it is hard to stay in all the time!  I've been going a little stir crazy, and while I love making masks, they don't take much mental effort, and my thoughts have been running around in circles as a result.  So when I filled all the orders I had received for masks, I decided to take a little "personal" time.  The orphan block quilt had been hanging on my design wall taunting me, so I decided it was time to make a little progress on it.   

And  I not only made progress on it, I finished it!  Once I got started, it was hard to stop - and it really did serve to bring my mind back into focus.  A little quilt math is good for the soul, apparently!

It's also fun to see blocks left over from other quilts I created, like the goldfish block from Emmy's annual quilt a few years ago...

...the Christmas tree from my Patchwork Forest QAL last summer...

... a tiny block left over from my Gypsy Wife quilt...

...test blocks for the Hearts for New Zealand drive...

A block from Lilli's Summer Wedding quilt...

My first (and so far my only) successful attempt at paper piecing...

...and a spiderweb test block that I painstakingly worked out the math for before using the "real" fabrics!

Also nestled in this quilt are blocks that were sent to me from friends who hoped that I would find a good home for them, and finally I have!  

And now it's time to get back to making face masks - but I feel better for the break and can make a fresh start.  Plus, my orphan block tub is a good bit lighter this morning!

Have you been working with your scraps lately?  Maybe you too have used up some orphan blocks?  Tell me about it!




  1. I like the sashing color you chose to integrate these orphan blocks...good choice ~ ~ ~ waving in the rain (again;{{{) Julierose

  2. Nice job on getting that Orphan Block quilt top done, Sarah! I'm using my scraps a little at a time. A mug rug here. A mini quilt there. Looking forward to the NEXT quilted scrap basket! Always. :o))

  3. I understand your feeling of lack of creativity when making masks. I, too, have experienced it! I needed to take a break and do sewing for me. I know it is a good thing to do and I'm sure I will get back to it. Another positive is that I'm using up a lot of scraps making them! Love how you use the orphaned blocks in your quilt!

  4. I made a couple of masks requested by friends yesterday, and then I was done. I just couldn't sew anymore. I closed down my machine and turned off the light in the sewing room. I was on the verge of tears all day. Some days it just gets to me. I feel so sad. Today, I hope for better. The constant rain this week in So Cal is not helping either. I need to start pulling fabrics for my Hands to Help quilts too. I have an idea.

  5. What a great project! I want to play with my orphans now!

  6. I had told myself that when t he dreaded curtains were finished I could play with some real fabric,but after crawling on the floor for days on end, pinning linings down at that level, getting on and off a chir so many times, found it all too hard, and with aching knees and legs, found some 12 place mats with applique shamrocks on, and will play with them till the old bones and muscles recover. Love your quilt with the grey, a super colour to show off every block. Fun time is what we all need right now.

  7. That's a nice quilt. I can't get caught up making masks. I'm slow, but gosh, I need a break. LOL

  8. Glad you had a break from masks. This is a great idea for dealing with orphan blocks.

  9. I just love orphan block quilts. I donated several to my state guild years ago, sewed on several with friends, and won several finished ones. It is fun to see what beautiful things can become of orphans.

    I was stir crazy with this epidemic until I took my grands. The time is going so much faster and happier now. THey take my mind off the turmoil.


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