Monday, April 13, 2020

Make-A-LIst Monday - How About a Virtual Sewing Meet-Up?

Hi, all!

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get use to our new normal these days.  I've learned to grocery shop just one day a week instead of making three or four trips.  I'm enjoying taking walks on sunny days, and my dog loves going for walks!  I've even started doing jigsaw puzzles on the dining room while I eat breakfast and lunch. Thankfully, my daughter has a bunch of really good ones that I've been borrowing!

But I r-e-a-l-l-y miss sewing with my peeps!  It just doesn't seem right to not get together with a group of friends and sit around chatting while we sew.  

So today when I got an email from the Modern Quilt Guild, I noticed the picture above, an advertisement for an on-line class, and got to thinking...

I love my wall of quilt minis - some made by me, some made by blog friends...

...some I even picked up before I became a quilter!  Others were made....

...with the leftovers from full size quilts, like the one in the bottom of this picture.  This is actually the first place I've had it hanging on the wall, and I never really noticed how "optical" it is before!  I am loving this one more and more every day.

So - here's my idea!  Why don't we have a "virtual" sewing meet-up, and each make a fun mini this week?  Then next Monday I'll have a link-up on here so we can each share our mini!

Your mini might be a mug rug, or a pin cushion, a post card or a wall hanging - the sky's the limit!  Square, round, octagonal, free form - branch out, try something new and different.  Use a color you don't normally use, or a technique.  Add mixed media, make it three dimensional, just have fun with it!  Size is completely up to you.  Let's see what we can create as a memento of our 2020 Coronavirus Quarantine!

Are you game?  I hope so!



PS If you are on Instagram, use the tags #virtualsewingmeetup and #2020CQMini, and tag me @fabricaddictquilts - being able to watch each other's progress will really make it feel like a meetup!


  1. I started using Zoom to keep my Bible study group going and used it Sunday to get all the far flung family together to chat. My husband uses it for meetings at the town level and non-profit groups he is on the board of. At first, it is a zoo, but pretty soon you get into the rhythmn and it works out. I was wondering if quilters might do something similar. Zoom is free for 40 minutes, but I bought a subscription so I can run unlimited time and up to 100 participants,which is way too many in a group. Yes, we can see each other's quilts on Instagram, but seeing and hearing people describe their work is another thing all together.

  2. Wonderful idea. I will start working on a fun mini.

  3. I love the idea of a mini quilt show of minis!
    I will try hard to join in!

  4. I too like this idea! I try my best to participate!

  5. I had a virtual Zoom luncheon with a friend when this all started. We're going to do it again this week. I ate by my sewing machine so that I could show her what I'd been working on. My Sunday school class is using Zoom, as is the pastor for twice weekly get togethers for prayer and to check up on everyone. I've only gotten to stitch on face masks the past few weeks, but I might find some time to use the scraps from all the masks and make a mini.

  6. I've also been using Zoom to do virtual lunches with friends. Our local clubs are using it for club meetings, too. Not everyone will be on it, but it is great to see some faces again!

  7. That is fun! Let's see it the muse cooperates.

  8. This is an AWESOME idea, Sarah! I was SEW excited that I got right to work on designing my quilt (and forgot to leave a comment. Oops!!)


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