Friday, May 7, 2021

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? It's Been a Busy Week!


Hi, all!

Wow, Friday sure got here in a hurry, didn't it?  Busy hands keep that clock spinning, it seems.  But Friday means that it's time for us to get our whoop whoop on, so let's get started!


This week I have been working on finishing up quilts for the high school graduates at our church, something our quilt ministry has done for the past several years.  This year we need twenty-two quilts, so there's been a lot of quilting and binding going on!

I quilted this stack of quilts and took them to church on Sunday so another member could pick them up to bind them.

These three came home with me from church on Tuesday night - the top one may look familiar, as Deb didn't have a chance to bind it, so she brought it with her to work on at church.  It didn't quite get finished, and she was going out of town, so I brought it home to finish binding.  The other two needed binding too, and now they are finished!

Wednesday also saw the preparation of quilt backs and tops for finishing.  It helps to have everything ready to go for the next day!

Thursday was quilting day!  My day started off with this view - a beautiful top all ready to go on the frame.  Two more waited in the wings, and I had binding all planned out for all three quilts.  Could I get them finished in one day?

Yes!  I finished these three quilts, both quilting and binding, on Thursday.  You might recognize the center quilt - it's the easy-peasy nine patch quilt top I made last week.  The two quilts on the left really made a dent in my stash of left-over binding - scrappy binding really rocks!

And here's my stack of finished quilts ready to add to the stacks at church!  I still need to wash the ones on the right - that's probably why the stack seems shorter.  But all six will be going to church with me on Sunday!  I have two more that I may get finished on Friday, in which case I'll need a cart to get them all to the quilt room!

And I've got one more exciting (at least to me!) thing I did this week...

I organized a baking cabinet!  With Lilli doing a good bit of baking in my kitchen, we decided that it would be a lot easier if all of my flours, sugars, and various other baking goodies were located in one cabinet, neatly organized and labeled. We added mixing bowls and measuring cups and a bin of cookie cutters (I'm going to find something more decorative to put those in!) and also swapped some drawers around so that the drawer underneath this cabinet holds the baking utensils, too.  

So - - - can I get a whoop whoop?


And now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

What's making you do a little happy dance?

Share!  We want to dance right along with you,

And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!




  1. You have been a very busy bee. Such lovely quilts and what a wonderful gift for the graduates. Thank you for hosting the link party. Happy quilting.

  2. Wow. Six in 1 week. You go girl!

  3. I'm always so amazed at what you get done! Lovely quilt ministry and now quilts for all the graduates - awesome! Love your baking cabinet. Lilli and you will enjoy having everything in one spot and ready to go whenever there is baking to be done :)!

  4. Yes, you definitely got a whoop! whoop! Amazing works in the way for the graduates as well as your baking cabinet! It looks lovely!

  5. Your nicely organized baking cabinet is a baker's dream! Who could resist the urge to make cookies if everything is available in one spot?

  6. OMG! You are one fast quilter! And to have bound them all too. Congrats on a great day of quilting. Love the wonderful "baking" cabinet!

  7. Beautiful array of quilts to gift--and I love an organized cabinet!!!! Good job.

  8. Wow!! I can't believe you were able to quilt AND bind 3 quilts in ONE day, Sarah. I thought I was doing good to get two just quilted that same day!!

  9. You've been very busy! Lots done - beautiful quilts and lovely organized baking center! xx

  10. Do you quilt all the quilt gifts for the graduates? Lovely projects; you got a lot done.

  11. I love your newly organized baking cabinet! And you HAVE been busy! I'm still working on finishing the binding of my H2H quilt, but it'll get there. Hugs and blessings for all you do!

  12. You had an amazingly productive week! I have to say I’m a little jealous of that organized cabinet.

  13. Sarah.... Have broken hip and not sure when I will be back at my apt....what is deadline to mail h2h quilt?

  14. What a great day you had! I feel accomplished if I finish quilting ONE quilt in a day. Three is magnificent!

  15. Our church does something similar for our high school graduates, except that each family comes up with a quilt on their own. Their are a few volunteers who do help those families who don't have a mom/aunt/grandma who sews, and the church ministry provides a pattern for making a very basic quilt that folds up into a pillow. I'm currently in the throws of making my own son's high school graduation quilt that needs to be done in time for the June 6th service where the graduates will be recognized and blessed with their quilts wrapped around their shoulders. That date is getting closer and closer!!


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