Wednesday, November 23, 2022

I May Have A Scrap Problem... But Now A Little Less!


Hi, all!

It's been a hot minute since I posted about my scrappy endeavors, but since I hadn't had much time to work on anything scrappy, I didn't have anything interest to share.  But today I have a flimsy finished!!

Here's what it looked like Tuesday night when I shared it with my sewing sisters at church. But it was still a hair small for what we needed.

Here's a close-up shot - I took it on an angle and it looks really different here!

I found a beautiful green Modernist print by Joel Dewberry in our stash at church and added those borders today - now it's all ready for quilting!  Maybe I can get to it sometime this weekend....

Also, just for inspiration, aren't these stars just fabulous?  I saw this on Pinterest and tucked it away in my folder for this post.  I think I have the design for my next scrappy quilt!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend (if you are here in the States) and find some time to do some scrappy sewing of your own!!




  1. Love the star quilt for your next scrappy quilt. I must have morning brain. I can't see the block pattern in it. Very interresting. Happy Thanksgiving. ~~Kathy S.

  2. Oh, I love that star quilt! Nice finish on the scrap quilt, too! I've made a similar quilt and those blocks go together so quickly. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Sarah!

  3. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too, thank you! The quilt is a scrap delight!

  4. I, too, am intrigued by the scrappy star quilt. Can you point us to the source of your inspiration? I can pick out individual components, but like the first comment, I can't see the block(s) itself.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. The scrappy star quilt looks like a fun challenge. Thank you for the inspiration and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  6. The green border helps to contain all those lovely scraps. Great job! I am inspired by the star quilt too. I see how the block is built and I might start it this weekend before I lose the pattern. Have a great weekend. ;^)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving.!!

  8. Love the scrappy star quilt - its now on my list to make for me! Thank you! Deb E

  9. Scrappy quilts are my favorite. You are so inspirational with what you do. That star quilt is a puzzler. I can’t see the block pattern either. Would love to know the name so I could google on it. Thanks! … Christa from VA, for Thanksgiving in a Cabin at Center Hill Lake

  10. It bothers me that Pinterest posters don’t credit the source of their images. I tracked down this quilt to Kaye England. It’s from one of her books. The PDF is available on her website.

  11. PS. The Kaye England link is for the entire book, not just that pattern, for only $5. Dot in NC

  12. I think your green border is a perfect finish for that cute scrappy quilt. I really love the pattern for your next one.

  13. Both quilts are wonderful! I bought that Kaye England pattern a while ago but haven't made it yet. Scrappy would be perfect for it!

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  15. Ugh, hate those spam comments, don't you? I LOVE both of these scrap quilts, and the stars fascinate me. I think I figured out it's 4-patches? I can't see another way to put it together, but it will make a great leader-ender project! Thanks for your ideas and wonderful posts. I think I read you were feeling a little under the weather, so I hope that's improving. I've found that healing zaps my strength almost more than illness!


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