Monday, November 21, 2022

Make-A-List Monday - How Can It Possibly Be Thanksgiving Already???

Hi, all!

Oh my goodness - how is it possible that this Thursday is Thanksgiving??? Time sure flies when you're having fun!  But it's time to put the pedal to the metal now, because Christmas is just around the corner....

Let's take a look at how my list from last week went...

1.  Quilt Nathanael's annual quilt.
Done!  It's so nice to have two of the annual quilts finished and ready for labeling.

2.  Quilt Lilli's annual quilt.
Not done - but for a valid reason!  I was ready to load it on the frame, but realized I really wanted to use a wool batt, and of course there aren't any in town, so I have one on order.  Hopefully it will be here this week!

3.  Start cleaning up the studio before my quilting sisters descend on my house for our Christmas party in December.
A work in progress!  And no, I'm not sharing pics of the mess....

4.  Pick up and set up our big Christmas tree!
Done!  Lots of pics below...

5.  Start piecing a ministry quilt top from my scrap stash.
Oh, I'm having fun with this one!  I've got about two thirds of the blocks done, plus a lovely stash of 2" HSTs piling up! (Ignore the Postcards from Sweden at the top - that's a work in progress too!)

And now, here's the skinny about our trip to the tree farm!  Our friends built a fabulous, HUGE barn/event center on the property, and they had all of their Christmas sale goodies inside.  It was sent up so beautifully!

There were trees with ornaments...

Lots of pretty decor items, and food too!

And look!  Even more!!

We picked out a beautiful tree for us (and one for our daughter, too!) and a couple of wreaths for the front doors, and the guys helped us load them into the truck.

And now Bree wants to know why we have a tree in the house!  I haven't decorated it yet - I'm waiting for the branches to relax a little bit - but it's going to be gorgeous!!  I'll share more pics when I get all the downstairs decorations in place.

Now it's time to figure out what I need to do this week - a strange week, because my husband is off for the week and hanging around the house.  We'll probably go see a few movies, too!  But here's what's on my to-do list for the week...

1.  Quilt Lilli's quilt if the batting arrives.

2.  Keep working on the scrappy ministry quilt top.

3.  Keep cleaning up the studio.

4.  Package up some Christmas gifts for my sewing sisters.

5.  Pull out the Christmas decorations and start setting them up!

I can't wait to put the Christmas quilt on my bed later this week - I'm trying really hard to wait until after Thanksgiving, as my husband really prefers that for all the decorations.  And I've got enough to do this week to make that work!  

So now, I really want to know - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Hi Sarah,
    i'm still sooo glad you're back, each time i see another email from you i'm glad again!!! that peek of the post card quilt is so beautiful, how do you go about choosing which color to use next to which, it's gorgeous.

  2. I am in such a holiday mood too! Love that shop. I'll be putting up Christmas on Friday too, until then Thanksgiving is in full swing. Have a wonderful week!

  3. What a fun trip to the Tree Farm! Have fun with the deorating!

  4. Love the ministry quilt - are you doing 5" and 2.5" squares? Enjoy your time with hubby - I suggest the Chosen movie, it's good even if you haven't seen the other seasons (which I haven't, but my hubby has). Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. It's always fun to see what you're up to! For me, I'll be stitching on my cross stitch project, catching a movie with my boys, and cutting out my latest quilt project. Have a great holiday and happy quilting! -Andrea

  6. Glad things are moving along with your projects. I am pretty slow this week with thanksgiving prep and dental work BUT I might work on a runner in between cooking the next day or two. Forgot my hand project in Maine....but I will be with again soon.

  7. How fun to have a Christmas Shop! I do not decorate house for Christmas anymore, because we travel for the holidays. Our single son decorates, but minimally.


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