Monday, November 7, 2022

Make-A-List Monday - Winter Is Coming!


Hi, all!

We survived covid!  All is back to normal at our house, and being stuck inside helped me make progress on my on-going projects, so all is well!  Here's how last week's list went...

1.  Keep the dog active and occupied!
Bree actually did very well, and we had some fun frisbee sessions.  She actually caught the frisbee twice by jumping up over three feet in the air!  It was a sight to see, for sure!

2.  Finish the blocks for Lilli's annual quilt.
Finished!  More in a minute...

3.  Cut the remaining pieces for Emmy's quilt.
Done!  More in a minute on this one too...

4.  Start assembling Emmy's quilt.
Completely assembled, AND the back is made, AND it's spray-basted and ready for quilting!!

5.  Finish assembling Lilli's quilt.
Done!  And I've made the back for this one too.  I would have spray-basted it, too, except I ran out of spray.

6.  Make a back for Nathanael's quilt.
Done, and ready to go on the frame!

7.  Bring in Jake from the front porch after his Halloween duties!
Done!  Jake is now back upstairs in the attic and I'm starting to think about Christmas decorations...

It does seem like Christmas decorations go up earlier and earlier every year, doesn't it?  But as my granddaughters tell me, I have so. much. Christmas. crap. that it takes a few weeks to put it out properly!  So I will start sorting it out in one of the upstairs bedrooms and maybe wait until the week of Thanksgiving to start putting them out - maybe!

And here's what I'm going to be working on this week....

1.  Quilt Emmy's quilt.

2.  Spray baste Lilli's quilt.

3.  Load Nathanael's quilt on the frame.

4.  Finishing putting the front flower beds to sleep for the winter.

5. (Bonus) If I manage to finish all that, quilt Lilli's quilt.

I did work on the flower beds out front last week, and I learned just how out of shape I really am!  I only managed about half the job before I decided I'd better quit before I couldn't move at all.  I'm hopeful I can get the rest of it done this week!

And take a look at the white mums I bought today!  I thought I'd get three (they were on a fabulous sale - two for $20!) but this one was so huge I think it's big enough.  If I can manage to keep it alive, I think it will be pretty with my Christmas decorations, too!  I bought one for my daughter, too, so it will be a competition to see who can keep them alive longest - and then we will plant them in our yards after the flowers die off.

So now, I really need to know - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Bree might enjoy the "find it" game. It s a big g hit with grandchildren. Put dog in Sit stay. Out of her sight, her a small treat, then release her and tell her "find it". It gives her brain a good exercise.

  2. Good luck with your goals for the week. Glad you all survived Covid...I had it right after my ankle surgery and returning home...probably from the rehab! No fun whatsoever, but glad it is behind you.

  3. I survived Covid the 1st week of October and missed our guild show that I had laid out. I am back to full strength thanks to following a protocol I was prepared with. Glad to see all you accomplished and hope you continue to move ahead.

  4. I've hardly gotten used to Nov and am not ready to think about Dec yet! lol that mum is beautiful!

  5. Excellent progress on last week's list. Those mums are so pretty. I'm curious how you put them in the yard once they are done. Do you plant them and then cut them back?

  6. You accomplished so much during COVID’s visit your home ! I’m so glad you’re doing well!


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