Monday, September 25, 2023

Make-A-List Monday - Three Months Til When?????


Hi, all!

Monday is here once again, and as I was paying bills today I wrote the date on a check - and was shocked to realize that today is exactly three months from Christmas!  So I guess we're in the beginning of the holiday sewing season.  Time management becomes important now!

So here's how last week's list went....

1.  Work on Nathanael's annual quilt, made with Kelli Fannin's Pokemon design.
Progress has been made!  Thanks to some diligent sewing this weekend, I finished all the blocks and now am ready to start the sashing!

2.  Prep fabrics for a baby quilt for our niece's new baby.
I didn't get to this yet.  Started to work on it today, but realized I had time to start cutting the sashing and went to work on that instead.  But I have the fabrics and pattern and I'm ready to start as soon as I get the Pokemon top finished!

3.  Fold and shelve some new fabrics I bought at a local sale.
Done!  Aren't these beautiful?  

4.  Clean up the studio a bit.
Ha!  If anything, it looks worse.  But I did clean up the big pile of solid scraps that was in the middle of the floor where I was digging through for colors for the Pokemon quilt!

So obsession took the place of time management skills last week, I'm afraid.  It's hard to multi-task when a quilt gets under your skin, isn't it?  

And here's what I'll be working on this week...

1.  Finish Nathanael's Pokemon quilt top.

2.  Prep the fabrics for the baby quilt.

3.  Cut out the baby quilt.

4.  Start sewing the baby quilt.

5.  Clean up the studio a bit.

Once again, a short list, but I'm going to work hard to see how far I can get on that baby quilt!

I did get to spend some fun time with two of my grands today while the third was at some doctor's appointments.....

These two have such a unique relationship - they pick and pick at each other, but they almost always end up laughing uproariously.  There were lots of giggles and finger-pointing going on, and my husband's nice quiet afternoon on the porch wasn't quite as quiet as usual, but it was fun!

So now, I really need to know - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. I'll be making pillowcases and fabric books for Christmas presents this year, so hopefully I'll get those done soon. I've been too busy to get much sewing done this year.

  2. Oh wow, I have so much I need to accomplish before the big C day! It's been hard for me to get motivated lately :-(

  3. Fortunately I don't have to fuss about Christmas -- no nearby family, no small children. My calendar and my plate are full nonetheless. Right now I'm developing my script for our historical society's annual cemetery walk when I will portray Dorothy Peterson who was a film star (who knew? I didn't) with 100+ credits. And I must quilt a wall hanging that will be my prop for a stewardship presentation I will give at church next Sunday.

  4. Sounds like a good plan for the week-the Pokeman quilt looks great!!! No, quiet isn't what the goal is when grands are on the deck!

  5. You always accomplish so much. 'Still loving the Pokemon quilt. I have not been too busy this week, just trying to work on a few projects here and there.


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