Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toddlerless Tuesday #13! Rainy Days and Tuesdays (the three-quel)....

Hi, all!

Well, I didn't realize until I got ready to title this post that this is the third Tuesday in a row that it has rained! When I picked up my granddaughter today, she got in the car singing, "Rain, rain, go away, come again at a different time..."  She hasn't quite got the words, but she got the sentiment right!   Just a slow cold drizzle today, but enough to make you want to stay inside and sew!

So here's what I did today.......

These colors are as true as I could get them with indoor lighting -
all jewel tones and deep browns.  The sun sets way too early these days!

Isn't it gorgeous?  I used Karrie Lyne's Autumn Stripes tutorial - an awesome pattern that is so easy but looks like you slaved over it!  (Remember the commercial where the mom threw flour on her face after making a batch of Rice Krispy Treats? Like that!)  If you haven't tried this you really ought to - it's a sort of mock string quilt, without all the messy saving up of strings and foundation blocks, etc.  Once I got the strip sets made up, it went together really quickly - I cut the blocks and pieced the entire flimsy in about an hour and a half!  Minimal matching, and it's a little stretchy on the sides of the blocks, so making those seams match up was a breeze!!

So that's what I did with my Toddlerless Tuesday!  And with this blogpost, I have made it through National Blog Posting Month with a post every day - woohoo!!!  I don't know that I'll ever do it again, but I'm glad I did it at least once!!

It's December tomorrow - no more denial is possible!  Christmas is nearly upon us!!  How is your gift-crafting going?  Or if you still want to remain in denial, what's on your Christmas wish list?



PS I've linked up to QuiltStory's Fabric Tuesday - be sure to check out all the neat stuff there!!


  1. Love the quilt top & the colors - awesome job! Also, congrats on making it through National Blog Posting Month - I survived it as well. The funny thing for me is that I have so much more that I could post about..... not quilting related but just life related. Maybe I need another blog..... or maybe I will just insert little bit here & there. I hope it stops raining for you - we have snow here.

  2. Those ARE Beautiful colors!!! great job.

  3. Congrats on your successful NaBloPoMo completion!

    We had rain here all day as well. I guess it's better than snow though - at least until Christmas break!

  4. Love the bright colors! Perfect for a rainy day.

  5. Let me just tell you again how much I love that quilt!!! Your color choices are wonderful and I'm so glad it want together easy for you! Gotta love those quilts that make you look like you slaved over it huh? :D

    Congrats on NaBloPoMo as well!!! It was a looonnnggg month, huh? LOL!

  6. You did it, Sarah! A whole month of daily blogging! Are you looking forward to taking a couple days off now?

    That string/strip quilt is gorgeous. I love the deep, rich tones.

  7. That quilt is adorable! Wow...a post each day. Okay...you are my new hero! I'm a missin' Tennessee already!

  8. Pat yourself on the back for posting every day! The quilt is so pretty...I love the colors.

  9. This is a gorgeous quilt. Love the colors you used.

  10. Lovely Quilt! And...how do you accomplish so much? You are always busy!

  11. That is one gorgeous quilt, Sarah! What yummy colors.

    Yay for posting everyday!

  12. It is gorgeous! I am jealous of the quick work you got done!! Hmm..I'm partially in denial. Too much to do!! Thanks for sharing!


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