Friday, May 13, 2011

Can I get a Whoop-Whoop?? Houston, I think we had a problem... ;-)

Hi, all!
It’s Friday again!!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful week - and were maybe a little more productive than me!  I’ve been on vacation all week.... there hasn’t been much time for sewing.  But I have spent a few hot afternoons sitting here....
.....across from my wonderful hubby, who obligingly played on his iPad while I sewed.  

I sat down at my computer last night all ready to do my Whoop Whoop blogpost, only to find that Blogger was on the blink!!  Houston, we have a problem!!!  But now, finally, it appears that all systems are go.  PS Because of the late start, I'm leaving the linky open until Sunday night!  

During our "too hot for the beach" time I did manage to work on my Marine quilt, made by Cheri House’s City Green pattern using a Neptune Kona bundle.  Lots of long strips of fabric and sashing sewn together, then cut into 2 1/2” units and re-sewn together in strips of six.  I’m about one-third of the way finished with this step - here’s what I’ve managed to get done so far!
So that’s about all I’ve done this week.  Not impressive, but it’s a start!  I’ll need the design wall anyway to arrange the strips, so putting the flimsy together will have to wait until I get home.
So now - what have you been working on this week?  What has made you smile as you worked on it?  It’s time to show and tell - link up and share!  Remember - because we started late, you've got until midnight Sunday....  And remember to go check out some of the other links and share some bloggy love!!


  1. The Jason's Guitar quilt is finished, although I don't have a picture of that yet. Whoop Whoop!!!

    The beach looks grand ~ wish I was there with you. You could use my back as your design wall!! lol

  2. Sorry for the double entry on the photo. I kept getting some strange error code. Hope you are having a wonderful time on the beach, still.

  3. Let's see...this week...where in the heck does the time go?? I worked on month 5 of Civil War Chronicles - almost done - just need to sew them to the center of the quilt. What else? Jewelry - I guess that is it!

  4. I got a post from you in my Google Reader list today about the Bloggers' Quilt Festival. The quilt you did for Savannah is amazingly similar to the community quilt I machine quilted yesterday. It's such an effective pattern.

    I hope you're having a lovely sandy/blue time. Even the pic is restful. Thanks!!

  5. Love the quilt colors. It looks like sea glass. How perfect.

  6. Quilting at the beach! How cool is that?

  7. Funny that this month's challenge colors are identical to your beach photo -- gorgeous! And weird that I used them to make a snowman block :-) I wouldn't have gotten a thing done if I were in your place, you're amazing!

  8. I had to smile when I read "spending a few hot afternoons"...(and I thought, staring over at your cute husband?). Hee-hee! So nice of him to keep you company. Cute sewing machine too, btw. Those blues and greens look nice with the beach in the background!

  9. Quilting on the beach has to be awesome.
    I do have a question... I am a new quilter and stalker to many blogs. I just got a Singer Featherweight and I noticed you had thread cone on yours. Tell how you have the thread cone mounted on your machine.
    I do love your blog and check in quite often. At this time I do have one but I do have plans forming in my head.


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