Monday, May 16, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #47! Back to the Real World...

Hi, all!

Back to the real world, after a lovely vacation!  Lots of sun and sand, great food, time spent with my favorite guy in the world - it can't get much better than that!  So now I'm all energized and ready to get back to work!!

Since I didn't have a list last week, there's not much to recap - you can see the quilt I started during vacation on last Friday's post - but there's plenty on the list for this week!

So here's what I need to do....

1.  Finish piecing the ministry quilt "Hawaii".

2.  Quilt "Hawaii".

3.  Applique flowers on the front of the first H2H quilt.

4.  Piece a back for the first H2H quilt.

5.  Quilt first H2H quilt.

6.  Quilt this top that was donated to the ministry by the amazing Stacy!

6.  Straighten up the studio!

There's tons more that I could add to the list, but I think I can get this much done for sure (ok, well, maybe, but it's a manageable list, at least!) 


And now, just for fun (and because we need another pic in this post!) take a look at what the darling Lilli did - all by herself, I promise - this morning!  

What is it about kids and small spaces?  She used to crawl into the dog's kennel when she was little, but I haven't seen her do it in a while - and she never closed herself in before!  But she's got plenty of company - Bear and Sully!  Funny girl...


So - what are you working on this week?




  1. Lilli rhymes with silly. Bet she's heard that before!! ha ha Did she figure out how to get out by herself? I always taught my kids, "You better figure out how to get yourself back down, out or whatever. Not that I wouldn't have helped, of course, but I wanted them to think before they 'did'.

    The dog doesn't look concerned. Good thing it's a pretty big crate compared to the dog.

  2. Sounds like you have a full week ahead of you. Both of my grandsons like to crawl their dogs' crate too :)

  3. LOL, at least they are all caged in together! Run and get something done real quick!

  4. LOL! At least they are cozy together. I am working on packing and cleaning my house for our move to our NEW house next week. No sewing for me :(

  5. My son would join her in there I bet!! Hope you get your studio organized!

  6. Lilli made me laugh! Aren't kids so fun. My little 4 year old neighbor thinks she is a cat and comes everyday to ask if my dog, Spike can play. It's driving her mom crazy. It makes me laugh.

  7. Love the picture! Thanks for sharing.

  8. That Lilli is full of fun:) I'm glad you had a relaxing vacation because it looks like you're in for a full week!

  9. Cute, cute. So glad you got to go on vacation!

  10. I can't tell if the dog is happy for the company or just confused! Lilli sure looks happy though. I used to crawl into the lowest shelf space in my mom's sewing closet. Can't believe I was ever that small now, ha. Sounds like you had a great week of vacation!


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