Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toddlerless Tuesday #28! Where Did Tuesday Go???

Hi, all!

Well, Tuesday kind of slipped away from me at the end - and you'll see why by the end of this post.  So here's my Toddlerless Tuesday report, except on Wednesday.

This quilt, made with Hawaiian themed fabrics, was quilted yesterday, and I managed to get the binding machine sewing done - now it just needs to be hand stitched to the back.  Here's a close-up of some of the fabrics...

This shot's a little more true to the colors, too.  It's a really nice quilt, and I think I'm going to name it Maluhia, which according to the internet means Peaceful in Hawaiian.  I'm going to check with a friend of mine who lived in Hawaii first, though - I don't want to give it an unfortunate name because I didn't get a correct translation!  My friend is also going to draw some Hawaiian flowers between the well-wishes and prayers written on the back.  I'll have more pictures of this probably on Friday when it's finished....

After all that work, we had time for some merriment last night.  Lilli had her preschool program (with graduation for some of the older kids) and our daughter came over for dinner and to get Lilli ready for the program.  Here's my beautiful daughter and granddaughter - please note Lilli's outfit.  Poppa picked out the dress, but Lilli chose the shoes...  and yes, they are purple!

And here's a fairly good picture of the three of us - thanks, DH!!

Anyway, it was off to church then for the program. If you haven't been to a preschool graduation program before, then you really should.  I laughed until I thought I'd cry - not the least because of my silly granddaughter's antics!  So here, for your enjoyment, is her portion of the program...  you can't miss her, she's the one in the green dress!  (There's a spot where she acts fairly normal at the beginning of the second song, but you ought to hold on to see her grand finale....)

Lilliana's School Program from Chris Cornwell on Vimeo.

I hope your Tuesday was as much fun as mine was!!  See you Friday for Can I Get A Whoop Whoop?




  1. Love your Hawaiin quilt, it is so cute. Never would hav thought of doing something like that.
    Your daughter and granddaugther are just lovely. The video was a hoot! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Love that quilt and the name is sooo pretty! Your granddaughter is her own person--awesome!!

  3. Lilli looks like she certainly enjoys being the center of attention :) How fun and what a memory to have. The quilt is beautiful and I love the name!

  4. What a fun video! I think you have a STAR on your hands! ;) Love the hawaiian quilt too! And that picture of the three of you is just beautiful!!!

  5. Lilli is too cute. I have a daughter who would love her shoes (and she is a lot older).

  6. Oh my, you've got a budding actress on your hands! I was laughing out loud. "I can spin circles, because He gives me strength," is what was going through my head when I watched her go around and around.

    Great photo of the three of you!

  7. WOW ! the other kids just stood there ! Lilli was the star of the show ! The picture of the 3 of you and the quilt are lovely !

  8. So dang cute~! Thanks for sharing the video. Reminds me of our little age 3, she pulled her dress up over her head to finish her performance. Bye the way the quilt is lovely. I really like the way you arranged the blocks. Lilly's purple shoes are the bomb!


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