Monday, May 2, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #45! What a Week.....

Hi, all!

Monday again!! I hope you had a safe and uneventful week last week - so many bad storms and so much devastation!  We were fortunate here, but the pictures coming out of Alabama are just mind-boggling....

In between hiding in the closet during storms, I did manage to get some stuff done this week.  Here's last week's list....

1.  Quilt the two ministry quilts that were pieced last week.
Done!  These were delivered to the church today to be available for our pastor to use at the Monday night prayer service.

2.  Finish piecing the Christmas quilt back.
I didn't get to this one - I thought about it yesterday, but decided to work on my H2H quilt instead.  Tough choice, but I need to take care of obligations before "me-stuff"!

3.  Cut out the Ocean Blues quilt.
Done!  A friend came over early in the week for some help with quilting, so while I was watching her machine quilt, I cut out this quilt!! Woohoo!!  I am s-o-o-o-o-o ready for vacation now!!

4.  Make a Hawaii-themed ministry quilt (but the fabrics have to get here first!)
Well, the fabrics are here - but I also ordered a die for my Go Cutter for this one, and it should be here this morning - then I start cutting!  Here are the fabrics I ordered...

5.  Work on H2H quilt.
You saw this cut out last week - now it's partially pieced!  This was part of yesterday afternoon's projects....

6.  Go to Paducah on Saturday for the AQS Quilt Show!!
Done!  We had a great time - I'll be posting some pics from the show later this week, but here's a teaser - this beautiful quilt featured quilts on the clothesline - and each of those quilts was individually pieced - little miniature quilts!  The yoyo quilt under the tree was actually 3-D - only attached at the top of the line.  Amazing workmanship!!

I also made this bee block yesterday (a little late, but Susan, it's going in the mail today!)...

and I pieced this quilt for the quilt ministry... the week went well!!

Now, let's see what kind of trouble I can get into this week...

1.  Finish piecing the H2H quilt top.

2.  Cut out the Hawaii ministry quilt.

3. Cut out the second H2H quilt top.

4.  Quilt a ministry flimsy pieced by Debora.

5.  Take care of all those little things that need to be done before vacation! 
(Mail, newspaper, boarding the dogs, etc.)

6.  Write a blogpost showing the pretty quilts we saw in Paducah!!

If I get all that done, I'll be tickled pink!  So - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. At least you have a list, mine are in my head fighting one another. I have to finish my string quilt, once i get some batting pieced a tad.

    Then as soon as the fabric for my brother's quilt gets here, it's on to finish his next.

    I have to do my 3 people for the Pay It Forward I have signed up for as well.

    Cut some squares for a swap I signed up for last night.

    I WANT to make an ironing board cover soon!

    Then possibly work on my hubs quilt I have promised him:)

    Phew that was a release!! If I can get a couple of those done I WILL BE TICKLED PINK!!

  2. I'm keeping my week simple. Attach final border to 2nd H2H quilt, sandwich, ready for quilting at leasure. Cut out my bag pattern. Play with some scrap blocks - the bin is over flowing again. Use small orphan paper pieced blocks to make some note cards.

  3. I need to:

    *finish piecing my H2H partner fabric quilt and put the blocks up on the wall/table
    *put the blocks together on my 2nd H2H quilt
    *piece the 3rd H2H quilt--all cut out, cut need to chain piece, press & ...
    If I can do that, I'll be Tickled Pink, too!

  4. Love thefabrics you are using in your half square triangle quilt.

  5. Go for it!!! You can do it. It seems we both have ambitious plans for the week!! :)

  6. As always Sarah, the amount of things you get accomplished is so impressive.

  7. Great Week Sarah~! You are a dynamo. The quilts are all beautiful. However the pink it just gorgeous. Yikes... I don't even like pink. But this is lovely.

  8. Love the colors you are using in the H2H quilt.

  9. You got so much done, my head is spinning! Congrats on all the quilty progress. I think I am in love with those Ocean Blues fabrics. Are you doing the quilt on the cover of the book there? (Love Cherri House!) I must have missed the part about vacation. I hope it's someplace both exciting and relaxing. You taking a sewing machine along?

  10. You are so great to get so much done. The quilt in #6 is wonderful. Do you know if she made that quilt from a pattern or did she make it up? I love it!!

  11. My to do list for this week is a little bit shorter than yours :-)
    1. Have to finish bookmark for my son. Need to some stitching on it and then i have to sew the 'sandwich' together.

    2. My 'step'son (i never liked the sound of it, but ok) wants a bookmark also, so have to sort out fabrics with him and need to sort out how to sew this one.

    3. This is the last one: have 4 log cabin blocks which i'm going to turn into a pillow. Need to sew them together and stuff it and sew the whole pillow together...

    I hope i'm ready with these 3 by the end of the week.... :-)


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