Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Tuesdays With Lilli #1

Hi, all!

Well, preschool is out for the summer, so Lilli and I are home together Monday through Thursday - no more Toddlerless Tuesdays for a while!  So I thought we'd do something a little different - still show what I got done quilt-wise on Tuesdays, but also a little bit about what Lilli and I are doing!

On this, our first summer Tuesday, Lilli got a new swing!  She had outgrown her baby swing, which broke her heart - so Bill got her a "big girl" swing....

Sorry the video is sideways - I still haven't figured out how to fix that!  But suffice it to say she really likes her swing. This morning we went out to walk the dogs and she immediately ran over to the swing.  Now, I hadn't put bug spray on either of us yet, and standing still in the yard is a guaranteed way to draw a crowd of mosquitos.  I told her we needed to go inside so we could put on some spray, and instead of going in, she call Jonathan, her imaginary friend, to "pertek" us from the mosquitos!  Silly Bug!!

Yesterday, when she woke up from her nap, she told me that her shirt had stripes on it.  I agreed, and said that I saw brown, and pink, and purple, and white stripes on it.  She informed me that the white wasn't a stripe, it was just there to make the stripes look pretty!  A fashionista, already.....

So that's just a small taste of what I get to enjoy with Miss Lilli every day - such a silly girl!!

But early in the morning and while she was napping, I managed to finish the top for my first Hands2Help quilt, and piece the back - here they are, all ready to be loaded on the quilt frame.....

Back is to the left, front is on the right!
Hopefully today or tomorrow I'll get this loaded on the frame and get it quilted on Friday!

Is your schedule changing for the summer, or do things still stay the same at your house?




  1. Awwww,the days of imaginary friends! Enjoy them while they last! I love the quilt and the colors you used!

  2. Gosh that brought back memories! My summer doesn't change - kid's are grown, grandkids are a bit away so maybe every 6 wks I see them, and our sewing classes resume here at the shop year round - with a change of faces , some on vacation and our 'winter birds' back.

  3. Cute appliqued flowers on that quilt top! I love that Lilli has an imaginary friend:) Did he 'pertek' you from the cicadas, too?

  4. Aren't children wonderful, I look after my 4 year old grandson three days a week and he puts a smile on my face all day. Children are so precious. Jonah has three imaginary friends so they keep us busy. I new grandchildren would be fun but I didn't have a clue how much.

  5. I remember when my daughter went on the big swings, it was scary for me! It looks like she is having lots of fun. Summer definitely changes our schedule. We are sleeping in, having lots of friends over, and having lots of cook outs.

  6. No nothing changes around here that way anymore. But DD3 came for a weekend visit last weekend, not so much to see us but she was around anyway so that was lovely. DD2 came for a dinner too. It was a little like recent old times. We'll see DD1 this weekend when we go for her bday. Yay!

  7. I love the colors of the quilt. I'm sewing 2 quilts in those colors for Quilts of Valor.

  8. She is into colors like her Grandma--sweet girl:)

  9. What an adorable granddaughter! And what a beautiful quilt!

  10. Love that quilt, eager to see how you quilt it! Your Little Miss Lilli will keep you hopping :-)

  11. What a cutie~! Your quilts are (as usual) lovely. Makes me miss my little 3 year old grandson. The only thing that changes in the summer for us is that there is more work, longer hours, and dirtier laundry. But life is good~!

  12. I enjoyed the video and your quilts are lovely!"


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