Monday, September 5, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #63! I love rainy days....

Hi, all!

Rain, glorious rain!  That was the sound I heard when I woke up this morning - granted, to two soaking wet dogs who love me dearly and wanted to show me, but it's a great sound to hear.  It was cooler today than it has been since May - and it's supposed to be cool all week!  Woohoo!!  Fortunately, we haven't had the flooding rains that other parts of the country have had, and it's not raining enough to keep us inside all the time, so it's been a pleasant change.

But enough about our weather - what did I get done last week?

1. Bind the latest quilted ministry quilt.
Done!  You've probably already seen this, but here it is...

2.  Quilt the third ministry quilt for the family that lost their wife and mother unexpectedly.
Done!  You'll have to take my word on this one, as it's in the dryer right now - I'll show it Wednesday on the ministry update..

3.  Quilt a ministry quilt for a husband and wife going through a difficult time.
A real- and blog-friend of mine, Diane, took this one and should be bringing it back this evening - we'll show it Wednesday too!

4.  Sandwich the quilt for the silent auction.  
I think I'm going to hand quilt this one, too!
Done - and I've made it through about 3/4 of the quilting, too...

5.  Make my bee block for August 
(preferably before August is over!)
Done, and mailed!  Woohoo!!

6.  Make a sample top for 100 Quilts For Kids!
I didn't get to this one, but I hope to do it first thing tomorrow...

OK, that's how I did last week.  Not too bad, but not as much as I would have liked. Thank heavens for friends who step in to help!!

Here's what's on tap for this week...

1.  Make that sample top for 100 Quilts for Kids!

2.  Finish the silent auction quilt.

3.  Finish at least two more ministry quilts.

4.  Photograph and organize recent donations to the quilt ministry.

5.  Cut kits for our 100 Quilts For Kids challenge!

OK, I'm stopping there - that's plenty to keep me busy this week and if I get more than that done, woohoo!  

So - - - what are you working on this week?  

And does fall inspire you to work harder, or make you want to sit back, put your feet up, and watch the leaves turn???  ;-)




  1. Whoop whoop for you even though it's not Friday :)! Looking forward to seeing that 100 Kids quilt!

  2. Goodness, how do you get so much done! I'm working on an x block this week and hope to get the top finished. We'll see. LOL

  3. I do so love the sound of rain too!! Send some!

  4. Good luck with the list - I know you'll knock out a lot of those to dos, if not all of them! I think I tend to be a little more productive in the fall. Maybe seeing all the diligent students studying in the library rubs off on me. (Never mind the students playing frisbee on campus in the middle of the day. HA!)

  5. Great list! No list this week for me. I just need to play with what fits my mood right now. The air has chilled here tonight - put my sweats on.

  6. What you manage to get done in a week always amazes me! I was going to start quilting the table runner, but I'm not liking the batting I used (and I now understand why she said to use flannel as the batting). Take it apart and redo, or carry on? I'm pondering that this week.

  7. the star block is brilliant ... I will need to try that!


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