Monday, September 19, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #65! Back on Schedule.....

Hi, all!

Monday again, and I'm actually posting on Monday, not Tuesday!  Woohoo!!  It feels good to get back on schedule again.  And I had a good week working on my list - let's see how it went.....

1.  Get all those lovely folded fabrics integrated 
into the stash wall!
Done!  The wall is almost full... but not for long!

2.  Quilt the 100 Quilts For Kids quilt.
Done!  Check back on Tuesday for a blogpost about 
how this was quilted and why!

3.  Quilt at least three ministry quilts.
Done!  And I've even got the bindings machine sewn on - they should be finished on Monday....

4.  Host a 100 Quilts For Kids quilt-along 
at my house this Saturday!

Just a small part of the group that was there on Saturday!
Hard at work on 100 Quilts For Kids....
See the full report on Wednesday's post!

So what's in store for this week?  It's a slow-moving week for me, and a short one, too (I'm out of town this weekend), but there's lots of stuff to do, so let's see what I'd like to get done....

1.  Finish the bindings on last week's three ministry quilts. (Monday!)

2.  Write a blogpost for 100 Quilts For Kids (Tuesday!)

3.  Write a blogpost for The Sweatshop (Wednesday!)

4.  Finish a man's quilt top for the quilt ministry (it only 
needs two sides of the final border) 
and then make a back for it.

5.  Load that quilt on the frame and quilt it.

6.  And hopefully, load a couple more ministry quilts 
on the frame and get them done, too!

This is a totally unrealistic list, but maybe it will keep me moving this week!  I'm trying to get some of this stuff (the blogposts) done tonight, so that will help...  but it will be interesting to see just how much I get done!  Wish me luck!!

So - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. I have a lot of non-quilty things to do this week. Paper work, run errands, lots of post outs, remove screens and put up storm windows/doors (yes, we are COLD)and prepare one bedroom for son for possible winter use when he can't make his hill in the snow. Oh, yes, I have to deliver some quilts later this week for an upcoming weekend show. Deliver finished charity quilts. Maybe I will get some sewing in - when I don't sleep.

  2. I am working on cutting out two projects to take with me to sewing retreat this coming weekend: a Halloween table runner for the United Way silent auction at work and a Halloween child-size quilt for the local historical museum silent auction. Plus I usually take a few charity quilt kits along just in case I run out of things to do (ha!). Better to have too much than not enough, although there is a wonderful quilt store near the sewing retreat and we always have to make one or two trips.....

  3. I will be piecing together the 2 tops I finished all the blocks for last week. an oversize lap quilt, and a king size one too. Between those 2 I don't think there will be anytime leftover to do anything else. But if there is, I have 2 quilts that need appliques stitched down so I can finish those as well.

  4. Wow you are a great inspiration to get things going for the week! This week I'll be happy to quilt my Fall Stars quilt, get my stitch regulator fixed (after 5 years), and make a backing for my Christmas quilt.

  5. Wow...I wish I could come sew with you! Look at all that you've accomplished! Great job!

  6. It is wonderful what you get done in a week. Do you mind if I use this idea of making a list of goals on Mondays? I will not use your picture or the same wording, I just love your idea of how you keep yourself going during the week. I love the square in square quilt. Very cool pattern.

  7. I need to get the wedding present quilt quilted and finished, my small quilt appliqued flowers done, another round on Hokule'a done, get Bella's quilt cut and pieced, and the list goes on. Hope you are feeling well.

  8. You amaze me girl. Knowing will probably all get done!

  9. I love the quilting you did on #2. The circles are great.


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