Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's Cookin' at The Sweatshop, Week #7

Hi, all!

Another week has rolled by - and it's been a busy one for the ladies at the Sweatshop!  It's funny how the needs seem to come in waves....

We finally finished the three quilts for the father and two kids of a woman who died very unexpectedly...

The son's quilt....

...the daughter's quilt...

...and the dad's quilt.
Cindy, a member of our quilt ministry, made the dad's quilt using a Civil War era jelly roll; Cassie, another ministry member, made the daughter's quilt by a sudoku pattern; and I made the son's quilt using an original design.

Next up is a beautiful quilt made by Diane, who blogs here.  She made this beautiful quilt using leftovers from this quilt she made for the ministry previously.  I love the addition of the yellow/gold batik - it really brings this quilt to life!

Look at this great pieced back!
This quilt is going to a gentleman who has been dealing with a multitude of health issues lately.  We hope it will remind him that there are people praying for him daily!

This beautiful quilt top and back was donated to us by Laurel, who read about our quilt ministry and sent the quilt to "pay it forward" for all the things that people did for her while she was going through chemo.  What a wonderful thought!   Diane took this one and loaded it on her long arm frame and did some beautiful quilting...

Isn't that beautiful?

She did an awesome job with the quilting on this beauty!   It's headed to its new home, with an older couple who are both experiencing serious health issues right now.   It's much larger than our usual quilts, so we thought it would be perfect for a couple...

Monday night at our monthly prayer service, our pastor gave this quilt away to a woman in need of a quilt-y hug.  I'm so glad this very special quilt has found a home where it will be used for its highest purpose!

And this quilt, pieced by Sharon, will be finding a home with a woman who has just been diagnosed with uterine cancer.  

So many needs lately!  And so many more still on the list....

We've had a great week for donations, too - several big boxes of fabric, a great fat box stuffed with blocks that are going to be amazing to play with, a couple of beautiful quilt flimsies - honestly I don't know how we could make it without the great quilt bloggers out there who help us out!   Each of you who donate are such an important part of our quilt ministry - and you are greatly appreciated!

So that's what we've been working on this week!  We meet again on September 17th, and we'll be working on quilts for the 100 Quilts For Kids charity campaign.  I'll be cutting out lots of 5" squares this week so we'll be ready to make lots of quilt tops!




  1. I love to see your ministry quilts every week, Sarah - so inspirational. (and that one with the gold batik is my fave for the week)

  2. Gorgeous work! Must be so satisfying, too. Kudos to you and your ladies!

  3. The quilt turned out so beautiful once it was quilted! I had kind of forgotten what it looked like - made it a few years ago and never unfolded it since it went on a hanger in my closet. Diane, you did a GREAT job with the quilting! I hope the couple finds some comfort from it.
    Now that I've read this blog for a few weeks, I have to ask: what is a flimsy? Maybe I could google it, but I'd rather find out here :D

  4. It's always such a joy to come to your blog Sarah and see all the beautiful quilts, knowing they will be given with love.


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