Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's Cookin' at The Sweatshop, Week #8

Hi, all!

Well, it's time for another update from The Sweatshop!!  Fortunately, Saturday was much cooler here - so we didn't sweat quite as much, but we did get a lot of sewing done on quilts for 100 Quilts For Kids!

Here's Sherry, Diane, and Cindy...


Cindy and Shirley...
Debora and Margaret...

Margaret, Joyce and Debora!!
We had a good crowd, and I actually got to sew too!  That's a really unusual thing on sewing Saturdays - usually I'm running around answering questions and pulling fabric!  

Here's just a few of the tops we made for the 100 Quilts For Kids challenge....

Cindy's quilt...

Diane's quilt....

Lisa's quilt...

Shirley's quilt....

And Debora's quilt!!

You can find the tutorial for this quilt right here - Rae's "Storytime" design.  It's a free PDF download!

And this isn't a quilt for 100QFKs, but
it's what I worked on Saturday -
made with beautiful strips made by
Sharon Vrooman!
So that's what's been happening at The Sweatshop this week - hopefully next week I'll have lots of finished quilts to show you, now that my quilting frame is back in business!  Thanks for checking in!!




  1. I really really like the quilts that start with the 4 patch in the center, surrounded by a frame of solid fabric, surrounded by more squares of fabric, surrounded by another frame of solid fabric, surrounded by another frame of squares of fabric. Do you have a pattern for that? The solution is just evading my understanding :D Thanks!

  2. Very Nice ! I want to know also ; did you have a pattern or did you girls just come up with that on your own ? LOVE your quilt also !!

  3. Love all the quilts made with the "Storytime" pattern by Rae. Absolutely lovely!!!! And Sarah, as I have told you many times, you just have made all my bits and pieces sing, thank you.

  4. You girls get down to business!!! Love the squares with the borders!

  5. fun, pretty....and AWESOME!!


  6. Great~! I just went over to Rae's and printed out her pattern. I think I must be a pattern collector....I need a new shelf for all my binders full of patterns. I see so many cute things here! Wish I were closer to come and be part of your Sweat Shop!

  7. Love the "Sweatshop." we have had a few of those around here, too. I'm inspired by these pictures. thanks for sharing.


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