Monday, March 18, 2013

Make A List Monday - Time to work on Hands2Help!

Hi, all!

Do you ever feel like you've just lost your mind?  I certainly did - when I looked back at last year's Hands2Help info and realized that I should have been starting signups this week!  Ack!!  I should never rely on my memory - I thought it started in the middle of April.  Oh well - it just means I'll have to move a little quicker!  

With that in mind, if you would like to help sponsor the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge this year, please leave me a comment below or email me directly at  Any and all sponsors are greatly appreciated - last year we ended up with enough items to give away so that every participant received a little something for their efforts!  

I'll be getting the H2H info together this week with the hopes of posting something next Sunday...

And now, let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Get new items listed in the shop.
Done - and not only done, but two of them actually sold already!

2.  Deliver "buddy bags" to our contact at church.
Done!  14 delivered...

3.  Clean up the house so the house/dog sitter doesn't run away screaming!
Done - at least she stayed for the whole weekend!

4.  Make more kits to take for sewing in the car.
Done!  I got two more paper pieced pincushions done while hubby was driving - they just need stuffing!  And I've still got some kits
for the next time I've got some available stitching time...

5.  Get some ministry quilts ready and lined up to quilt next week.
Done!  I'm going to need to get one of them on the frame tomorrow for a gentleman going through chemo treatment 
 that makes him cold all the time.

6.  Clean up my workspace a bit - it's getting hard to see the cutting board!
Didn't get to this one - but I'll have to do it before I can get any sewing done this week!

Not too bad - it was an easy week.  And now, here's what I need to get done this week...

1. Get the Hands2Help Challenge up and running!

2.  Mail giveaway loot and shop sales items.

3.  Quilt and bind man's quilt for ministry.

4.  Finishing piecing ministry quilt for baby boy.

5.  Quilt the baby boy ministry quilt.

6.  Finish up the quilter's apron pattern.

7.  Make a lanyard (or two!) for the shop.

8.  Make Easter dresses for the granddaughters!

9.  List new items in the shop.

There's only about eighty other things I ought to be working on, but these are the most important ones!  So we'll see how it goes....

By the way, I'll have pictures from Lancaster sometime later this week.  I had a great time!

So now the question is..... what are you working on this week?




  1. Wow! girl YOU sure do have a LIST!!
    You do SOOO-SEW many nice things for other peeps...what a great gal!


  2. I am so happy you got a chance to have some ME time - you do so much for others. I have two jelly rolls for the H2H - I will be sure to set them aside with a note so I don't play with them. As soon as you get a new button up for 2013, I will be sure to add it to my sidebar as well as do up a post.

  3. My goodness. You have been busy! You do so much for others. I would like to make a quilt for your H2H donation project and I'll add your 2013 H2H button to my sidebar as soon as your get one ready.

  4. Your Etsy shop looks great!
    I doubt that I'll be able to make a quilt for H2H, but I'll sponsor with some hand dyed fabrics again.

  5. I'll email you about h2h. I love spring, it does to love me. My sinuses are on fire.

  6. With a list that long, you may need to clone yourself. I will definitely be participating in H2H this year. I will offer a prize again this year.

  7. You will be busy this week. I look forward to hearing about your trip. I plan to participate in H2H again this year.

  8. Love your list... one day I can maybe get my brain to be that organized! lol You do get a lot done with your list though it seems! Good for you!!! I am working on a cross stitch project and waiting for supplies to work on some paper crafting this week! We will see how it goes :) Kathi

  9. I will be happy to sponsor H2H again this year. Don't know what yet, but I will let you know. I also hope to get a quilt made.

  10. Wow! Your lists are amazing! I wish I had the energy that you seem to have.


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