Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hands2Help - For All You Procrastinators! (Me Included...)

Hi, all!

Sunday has rolled around again - are you busy planning or working on your Hands2Help quilts?  And if this is the first time you've heard about Hands2Help, there's still time to join in the fun.  Click on the page link at the top of the blog to learn more about the challenge!

If you haven't started on your quilt yet, I'm here to tell you about one of my go-to patterns - it's so versatile!  This pattern can be put together in so many different ways, you could use it for many quilts and never make two that looked the same!  Yes, I'm talking about the Disappearing 9-Patch!!

Here are just a few examples of some D9Ps...

This one is just a scrappy D9P...

...while this one was planned out with specific fabrics.

And here's another scrappy D9P, only this time without any sashing - just a glorious mix-up of color!

A traditional D9P block takes a nine-patch block... 

and cuts it into quarters.... 

then re-arranges those quarter-blocks into a new larger block.  The three quilts above use that technique.

But then there are the non-traditional D9P quilts.  

This D9P uses traditionally cut blocks, but arranges and sashes them in a non-traditional way...

.... to create a non-traditional quilt.  (If you'd like a copy of the full tutorial for this quilt, mention it in your comment and I'll e-mail it to you!)

Then you have the truly non-traditional D9P blocks - the ones that call for cutting the nine-patch block in different ways.  One of my favorites is called "Off The Grid" by John Adams (aka Quilt Dad)...

...which calls for slicing the outer blocks and inserting narrow strips of contrasting fabric.

This D9P variation uses a 9-patch block built around a solid center...

...which is sliced top and bottom, and the center section flipped...

...then the right and left sides are sliced, and flipped to the opposite sides.  All the strips are sewn back on, the block trimmed up, and you've got a whole new variation on a D9P block!

There are endless ways to play with blocks to create something new from something simple or traditional. One of my favorites of the past year took a churn dash block and made it into something entirely different!  Check out this post to be amazed!!

So now - grab your stack of orphan blocks, your rotary cutter, and see what you can create!!!!



PS - Be sure to hop over to KatieQ's blog to join in her awesome giveaway!  She's celebrating her 100+ followers and is offering an extra entry to everyone who is participating in the Hands2Help Challenge!


  1. Can't go wrong with a 9-patch no matter how you slice it - hahahaha!! I have my second H2H all cut out ready to sew together.

  2. D9P quilts are always interesting. I love how quick they go together. I would be interested in seeing your non-traditional pattern. At the moment I am hooked on D4P blocks

  3. Neat! I just found out about H2H a few days ago! I'd totally love to join in the fun :)

  4. HiI have my first quilt cut and ready to sew but I nave been struggling with what to do for second one . I have never done a DP nine patch so I would love a copy and give it a try. Blessings Sandra

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  6. would love your tutorial. I did one I called the "Disappearing Reappearing 9 patch" as I didn't spin them - I just shuffled them so the different fabrics came up - it looked kind of "plaid" to me - my tutorial is here (but feel free to remove it if you would rather not have links in your comments:

  7. Wow -I am now looking at D9P quilts in a whole new light! Amazing - I have got to make one or two or three!

  8. Hi, I would love to have a copy of your tutorial!

  9. Yep I'm trying a double D9P for H2H. Love it!

  10. So many cool ways to use that block. Thank you for the info.

  11. Sarah, I love all the ways you've shown to do a different D9P; will have to print these out. And although I'm behind on asking, can you email me a copy of the 9P tutorial with the sashings you mentioned? Thanks so much; you've given me incentive to try out some new blocks!

  12. Thank you so much for this great post. I am very, very new to quilting and I learned a lot. Truly appreciate you taking the time to share.

  13. I would love the pattern for the dp9 with sashing.

  14. I really like you D9P with sashing. Will you please email it to me? Thank you!


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