Monday, April 22, 2013

Make-A-List Monday - Remodeling Progress!

Hi, all!

Another week has passed, and boy has it been a busy one!  Lots of redecorating, a little bit of sewing....  Let's see how I did on last week's list!

1.  Paint all the trim.
2.  Prime the walls.
3.  Paint the walls.
Done!  Isn't it pretty?  Much more cheerful now!

Just a temporary put-together so Lilli can use it for naps...

4.  Hang the mini-blinds.
Didn't get to this...

5.  Hang the curtain.
...or this....

6. Make a fabric slider for the closet doors.
....or this!

7.  Resurface the dresser and nightstand.
I did do this - it's not perfect, but they look a good sight better than they did!

8.  Bind two ministry quilts that are almost done.

9.  Keep up with ministry needs!
I have two quilts ready to go on the frame this week...

10.  Pick out a pattern for my H2H quilt!
Done!  Now to get it sewn up!
11.  Find an easily-understood tutorial for an adjustable weighted blanket for a friend.
This ended up being a bit more involved - turns out there aren't any really easily understood tutorials out there for this, so I ended up writing one of my own and making the prototype for my friend.  She's excited about it, and so am I!  I'll be posting the tutorial this Friday, so that anyone can have access to it.  Spread the word if any of your friends might have a need for this!

And now for this week...

1.  Hang the ceiling fan in the guest room.

2.  Hang the blinds and curtains.

3.  Quilt and bind two quilts for the quilt ministry.

4.  Quilt a top for a friend.

5.  Pull fabrics for my H2H quilt.

6.  Go to the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah, KY!!
(Yep, that's right - we're taking nine ladies on an overnight adventure to the show and Hancock's of Paducah!)

I know it's not a very long list, but I'm two days short this week because of the trip to Paducah, and may not even get this much done.   But here's hoping!  I really need to work on the quilts for the ministry first, and I'm hoping to get an electrician to come help with the fan.  We have a very old house with weird wiring and I'd really rather not burn the house down by doing it wrong!

So now the question is - - - what are you working on this week?



PS  -  just wanted to share this picture of a new baby on one of the quilts I made for a commission job...  too cute!!


  1. That last picture is entirely too cute!!!

  2. How sweet to see the wee one with the quilt! And have a great time at Paducah!!

  3. I love the quilt on your bed! I've been trying to get a new to me sewing machine (1920) turning freely, althought I'm supposed to be sewing!

  4. love the baby on the quilt! this week I am going to paint the kids room!

  5. What a sweet baby picture. The guest room looks very inviting.

  6. The room looks great. Have a safe and fun trip.

  7. Please tell, what is a weighted quilt? Your baby and quilt are just beautiful. Your list of things to do is very adventuresome! I wish I could share your energy level! Micki

  8. You've certainly been busy! The room is looking wonderful!
    I love the quilt the precious baby is on!

  9. Wow. Love the quilt on the bed. The room is beautiful. You have been busy! The last picture is just to cute.
    I'm working on a couple UFO's and some RSC projects.

  10. you have the energy of my mother! sometimes I get tired just reading all that you do! just kidding. My mama is like that, always busy, always full of energy, always doing something for someone else. :) it's great.

  11. Quilting on the H2H, just wavy lines, but enjoying it since I got a walking foot!
    Cute baby! Thanks for sharing the picture. And the room is so homey! Good job. Love the color!

  12. After staring at the baby forever, I am typing now! I hope you get the fan taken care of first:)

    I know Lilli will love pretending to take a nap under that beautiful quilt !!!!

    Live it up in Paducah! Oooh that would be a fantastic time!

  13. I'm really happy that you will be making the tutorial for the weighted blanket available. When I taught nursery school, I had a few students that were diagnosed with sensory issues and the weighted blankets were recommended. They were very expensive.

  14. I can't believe your list...and you think it's short. Amazing.

    I've been trying for 2 weeks to get the house ready for my son and his wife to come for a 10 day visit. I dug out the guest room. My husband's adding a shower to the guest bathroom.

    It's been tough. I finally realized I just have to settle with what got done.

    I love all the changes with your house. And that just want to squeeze him to bits!

  15. Your remodel job looks fantastic! Love that quilt on the bed too.

    Ugh, this week I was going to do some serging, but my serger and I aren't getting along too well. Time to sign up for a craftsy class I guess. Back to quilts!

    Have fun this weekend - sounds like quite the adventure!

  16. You have been a busy wee beaver! Have a FABULOUS time in Paducah and color me green already.


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