Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's Cookin' At The Sweatshop?

Hi, all!

I'm sorry I missed posting last week - best laid plans of mice and men and all that - life just got a bit too busy!  But I'm back this week with all the stuff we've been working on - and it's a bunch!

First up, here are two quilts we've given out to new babies in our congregation...


...and one that went to a teacher and new mom at our local elementary school (their mascot is the gator!)

This next quilt went to a woman who was just diagnosed with cancer and is starting chemo...

This quilt was given to a woman whose breast cancer recurred after 14 years...

Check out that back!!  Isn't it gorgeous?

This next quilt went to a woman who had to have her stomach removed due to cancer...

This quilt went to a 7-year old boy who has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor...

(Don't you love my photography assistant?  She's just a little short for the job...)

This pretty purple and gold quilt went to a young mother just diagnosed with breast cancer...

And we gave away one other quilt (that unfortunately I don't have a picture of) to a woman who had a serious break of her arm and shoulder, with surgery and a long rehab ahead of her.  She told us it is the only quilt she has ever had!  Definitely someone who needs a quilt!


And look at that beautiful pile of donations!  Many thanks to the lovely ladies who sent these fabrics - I don't have the names with me right now and really need to get this post up - but you are much appreciated!!  We had such a good time folding and sorting these fabrics tonight!!


And here are the newest blocks received for the Helping Hands Project...






....and Robin's!

The collection is growing - but I'm still hoping to receive some from those of you who have donated fabric, blocks or quilt tops, but haven't sent a block yet!  We've given away 470 quilts, moving rapidly towards that 500 mark, so I need to get working on this commemorative quilt that will honor all the folks that have helped with the ministry!  Please take some time to create a block that shows your "helping hand" - it can be any size, any color - the hand can be appliqued, embroidered, pieced, drawn on - the choice is up to you!  I love seeing all the individuality of each block, and I can see each person's personality coming out in their block!

Please take a few minutes and make a block!

(You can read more about this project by clicking on the Page above.)


Thanks again to all of you who help out with the ministry!  We couldn't possibly do this without you.  Your donations make such a difference in the lives of the people who receive the quilts - you have no idea how much it means to them.  The idea that people who don't even know them cared enough to contribute to their quilt  is overwhelming!




  1. It is always lovely to see the quilts and a little bit of who they went to - you have been busy with needs. Aren't all the hand prints fun and look how many have pink! Wonderful pile of fabrics donated - exciting.

  2. Ya'll do a lot of great work for people who need a hug of prayer!

  3. I'm sure the recipients are cheered and appreciative, but we also are cheered by the making. You ladies give us purpose by including us in your wonderful work. Thank you so much.
    Lotsa Hugs

  4. Awesome quilts. What wonderful gifts of love. May your ministry continue to bring comfort to the receiver.


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