Friday, September 6, 2013

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop?? Randomness, and We Have a Winner!

Hi, all!!

Wow, this has been a full week!  Someone referred to "email overload" in the comments last week, and it was so true!   But it was fun to see all of your comments about your FMQ experience and "oops" moments!  I still have a few emails to answer, but I've tried to keep up each day.  Unfortunately, I haven't had time to check out all of your links, but I hope to get to see them this weekend!  Thanks to all of you regulars who linked up, and welcome to the newbies!  I hope you'll come back and link up this week and in the future!!  And a special thanks to those of you who posted about the giveaway on your blog, and by doing so also spread the word about Christina's new book!


I know all of you are waiting to see who won the giveaway,
so before I share my whoop whoop for the week,
I'll share the winner with you!

We had 222 comments and 79 link-ups.

Little Miss Random chose....


shawn said...
I have no experience in FMQ but if I win the book maybe I can learn, thanks for the chance.
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com
Congratulations, Shawn!

I'll be sending you an email to get your mailing address!

And if you're one of the lovely people who didn't win a copy of the book, you can jump right over here to Amazon and purchase one - it's definitely worth the money!!


And now for my whoop whoop for the week...

I did a lot of sewing and quilting but this was something a little bit out of my comfort zone and I had so much fun with it!

My daughter wants some floor poufs for the little girls' play area, so I decided to try my hand at one.  This one has piping, a zipper, and a handle for easy carrying!  

I also finished off those two FMQ pieces from last Friday - new pillows!!

And - my friend Piper was at an estate sale today, and texted me a picture of this beautiful old machine....

.....which will be coming to live at my house this weekend!!  I can't wait to run the serial number and find out for sure what model it is and where it was made, but I think it's a 201, made in the late 40's or early 50's.  Woohoo!!

And now, to compete the randomness, here are my two favorite pictures from last week.

Emmy loves her baby doll!

And she loves her big sister, but that doesn't prevent her from pinning her on the floor occasionally!


And now it's your turn!

What's made you dance your happy dance this week?

Share - we want to dance along with you!!

(It's more fun to dance with friends...)

The linky party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Be there or be square!!




  1. I love those pillows. It made me smile since I've been trying pebble quilting this week too.

  2. It is a Singer 99, a 3/4 size singer, but not in power or capability. I have one and also the Singer Spartan which is the econo version of the 99. Lots of great accessories for it, easy to fix, free manuals, etc. let me know if you need resources. They are great to teach kids to sew on because of their size. I made one of them into a handcrank very easily. Congratulations, a great little machine!

  3. Hi Sarah .....I love that pouf it is fabulous. I always look at these but have never attempted to make one! Thanks for the inspiration. Your little grand daughters are so gorgeous. As always, thank you for hosting the linky party. Have a fabulous weekend. Marie (

  4. Sarah - thanks for the great review of the First Steps to FMQ book! Loved your post last week. Linking up and have included your button on my sidebar! Woohoo!

  5. I love the pouf. The handle on the side is a great idea. Thank you for sharing the photos of the princesses.

  6. Hi Sarah, so sorry for ALL the linky posts!! It kept giving me an error message, so I kept on trying...;/.

    Love your pillows, and I believe that is a Singer 99. I love mine. Runs great!

  7. Love this week's Whoop and I couldn't help but chuckle about the wrestling picture. Sunshine does that to Jammer all the time.

  8. Are you kidding me??? That looks just like my Singer Feather Weight I bought a few years ago for hundreds of dollars. I use it all the time for a spare machine. LUCKY YOU!!!

  9. BOy oh boy! You've been busy! Great job on ALL those projects. Enjoy your new little "friend"! What fun!

  10. Love the sentiment on your FMQ pillow! Cute new machine too.

  11. "Eat, Quilt, Sleep, Repeat" YUP! I LOVE it! Also that Singer looks like my 201a that I have, however mine is a built in and currently hanging out at my mother's until I find a proper place for it in my home. I think Derrick feels out numbered by sewing machines sometimes ;)

  12. Love your pillows and your floor puff pillow.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  13. Nice pouf and pillows, Sarah! The girls are so cute!

  14. Lovely girls and a "new friend"
    can it be better?!

  15. I've never heard floor pillows referred to as poufs. Love your pouf.

    Cute, cute kids. My grandkids love to wrestle all the time. Weird.

  16. Oh... that pouf looks so comfortable (although the baby prefers a breathing one!).

  17. Great machine, Sarah, definitely a 99, early 1950s.

    I've never heard a pouffe referred to as a floor pillow before. In fact, your lovely FMQ projects are cushions to us. Pillows are what we put our heads on at night.

    Sweet little grand daughters. They must give you plenty of laughs.

  18. Looks like a Singer 99 to me.

  19. The girls are growing so fast! Cuties!
    Looking back over your last few posts, congratulations on your clear CT scan. That must feel good:)

  20. Love those floor poufs (a new term for me!). And thanks for hosting this fab party!

  21. Wow Sarah, I am doing the happy dance now because of winning your book, thanks so much. I really like that pouf it's so cute.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  22. That old Singer looks exactly like the one that my Mom used to have and I learned to sew on! She didn't keep it and I wish so much that she had!!
    Enjoy it!

  23. You clever girl - the pouf is perfection! Yay!

  24. It looks like a 3/4 size machine, which would make it a Singer 99. The other 3/4 size Singer is a Spartan, but, it would say that on the arm, instead of Singer. What a cute little machine. I have one of each of the above machines (and a lot of other machines, too).


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