Monday, September 23, 2013

Make-A-List Monday - is it really only three months until Christmas???

Hi, all!

I love it - the first day of fall was Sunday, and Sunday night we had to add a second quilt to the bed.  The best days are those when it's not cool enough to turn on the heat but you need a little more warmth at night - perfect!!  There's nothing else quite like snuggling warmly under the weight of several quilts....  But of course, the coming of fall means that Christmas isn't far behind.  Just three months away - can you believe it?  Time to get cracking!

It was a busy week last week - I had company until Wednesday morning, and Emmy all day on Wednesday, so I did most of my crafting from Thursday to Saturday.  Whew!!  It was a real marathon.  Here's how I did on my list...

1.  Finish off the quilt that's on the frame right now.
Done!  This pretty little twister quilt will be available at the craft show - something that had been languishing in my UFO pile, but now that I know how to do borders properly, it's become a nicely finished quilt!!

2.  Quilt at least five quilts for Rogersville.
Done!  I actually spent Thursday morning making nine quilt backs and then Thursday afternoon, Friday, and Saturday afternoon quilting eleven quilts!  Jolene and I had quite a workout.  And it looks like something out of The Princess and The Pea!

3.  Quilt one ministry quilt for a woman with cancer.
We actually pulled a quilt that had already been finished for this woman...

4.  Quilt a ministry quilt for a man who had a stroke.
...and another one for this gentleman, so that we could get them delivered as soon as possible.

5.  Help set up the quilt display for Gladefest.
Done!  There weren't a lot of quilts (it's a very small town festival) but it was pretty!!

6.  Work on craft show items.
Well, I didn't get to much on this part of the list, but I did make an apron today...

Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of yourself in an apron?  Good thing I have long arms!

7.  Make dinner for a shut-in couple at our church.
Done!  I love Pinterest - I made... 

Slow Cooker Parmesan Honey Pork Roast, and...

Parmesan Baked Potato Halves, both excellent recipes!!

8.  Keep up with ministry needs as they arise.
Done!  We had four other needs arise that were filled with quilts that were already finished, thus the need to quilt as many as possible last weekend to "refill" the pile of quilts for Rogersville!

So that was last week.  It felt good to get so many quilts quilted - even if I forgot to take pictures of each one individually!  The other ladies in the group are taking them off to bind, so they'll be back soon and I can get some good pictures.

Here's what's on tap for this week...

1.  Quilt at least five quilts for Rogersville.

2.  Make quilts for a husband and wife who are in the hospital for a kidney transplant; she donated a kidney to her husband.

3.  Make a quilt for a woman just diagnosed with cancer.

4.  Make more aprons for the craft show.

5.  Make more first aid kits and journal covers for the craft show.

6.  Keep up with any new ministry needs that arise.

7.  Start working on a commission t-shirt quilt.

8.  Create a mini-size pattern for a pinafore for Emmy like this one...

This little pinny starts at size two, but Emmy's not quite there yet - so I need to do a little creative design!

And I think that's definitely enough for this week!  If I manage to get even part of this list done, it will be a miracle... I will be getting my hair done this week, too - time for a cut, color and highlight again!   And just in case anyone's interested, I've lost about fifteen pounds on the Fast Diet - this is definitely something I can live with!!  I do feel like I'm eating better on the days I'm not fasting, too.  That's definitely a good thing!

So enough about what I'm working on - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. I got my table runner done for the charity auction. That is it for the week since I was out of town for five days.

  2. Those parmesan potatoes about put me over the edge!

  3. Congrats on all the finishes. You are remarkable.
    This week I'm rooting through the "way back room" - the room way back of the house. Yesterday I found lots of wrapping paper and bows for the rummage sale in the closet. Lots of other stuff in there, too. I must say that if I move again, it'll be a lighter load.

  4. Love the twister quilt! The stack of quilts is fabulous! Sure to bring comfort. Good job on all you got done.

  5. need to finish quilting my great granny square quilt. Your pictures are blurry, I was having the same problem and my husband said it was because I needed to scale down my images.

  6. Okay, wait a bust out nine quilt backs in the morning and then quilt eleven quilts in the p.m. This is proof of what I suspected all along -- you are a Superwoman!

    That apron is adorable!


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