Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Make-A-List Monday - A Clean House, But Not Much Else!

Hi, all!

I hope you had a good and productive week!  It seems like a long time since I last posted a to-do list, but it's actually been less than a  week.  A strange week for me, because there's been a lot of cleaning and not much sewing!  I miss my sewing machine....

Here's how I did on last week's list - 

1.  Finish up the guest rooms so they are warm and inviting!
Done!  How do you think I did?

2.  Put away the stacks of stuff that have accumulated around the house.
Done!  I found countertops that I hadn't seen in quite a while!

3.  Clean the house until it shines!
Done!  Very  shiny!!

4.  Bind two quilts for the ministry.
Done!  I finished these two off...

5.  Make a back for a ministry quilt.
6.  Quilt and bind a third ministry quilt.
Done!  A friend brought by a quilt with back just before I sat down to make a back for another one, so I popped it on the frame instead!

7.  Keep up with any other ministry needs that come up!
Done!  We ended up giving away seven quilts last week - fortunately we had some already made up but now those have to be replaced....

I also realized that I forgot to give you all an update on the little sewing machine that my friend found for me at an estate sale...

I bought it based on the above photo, otherwise sight unseen.

When I actually got my hands on her, I was astonished!  She was clean as a whistle, and ran perfectly.  She stitches as well as my Juki - beautifully balanced stitches, perfectly consistent stitch length.  I was trying to decide what to name her, but hadn't come up with anything.  When Lilli saw her, her first question was, "What did you name her, Nana?" I told her I hadn't decided yet, so she told me I should name her Leah, and then she could call her little Janome Leah's daughter!!  So I guess this is Leah!  I need to clean up her case a bit - I think I'm going to strip off the old coverings and recover her with a nice laminated fabric.  Unless someone has another suggestion?

OK, enough of that.  Now it's time to come up with this week's list...

1.  Finish off the quilt that's on the frame right now.

2.  Quilt at least five quilts for Rogersville.

3.  Quilt one ministry quilt for a woman with cancer.

4.  Quilt a ministry quilt for a man who had a stroke.

5.  Help set up the quilt display for Gladefest.

6.  Work on craft show items.

7.  Make dinner for a shut-in couple at our church.

8.  Keep up with ministry needs.

I don't know that I can get all this done - I've got company until Wednesday morning, then Emmy all day on Wednesday - but my hubby will be helping a friend move some furniture across the state on Saturday, so I'll have all day with no responsibilities.  If I've got the tops and backs ready to go, I'll have to see how many quilts I can quilt in a marathon session!

And now the question is - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. You just amaze me with all you get done. I'm working small this week - we need baby quilts in the shop.

  2. Ooh, what's the pattern on the quilt on the bed? Very pretty!

  3. Everything looks great! Including Leah :-)

  4. The guests room look beautiful. Good job. Beautiful quilts, too. Leah is looking awesome for her age :D

  5. Busy hands! Your home looks wonderful. Your new machine looks like a great find! How nice that Leah is running so smoothly!

  6. Just sitting here with my hexies. I'm not doing any cleaning this week, I think. Your list is amazing.

  7. wow, Sarah! even your "unproductive" weeks are super full of fantastic productivity! Your guest rooms look great, and what a treasure "Leah" is!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. I especially like your 9-patch with the teal and blue borders. You've turned a simple pattern into a gorgeous quilt. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. I love your new machine, is she a 15 or 99? They are both really good machines!

  10. Horray for a clean house, pretty quilts, and two awesome guest rooms!! Great week!

  11. Your guest rooms do look very inviting. :D As always, you amaze me with the amount of quilting you get done around other things. You go!! :D

  12. Wow, you got a lot accomplished! Your quilts are beautiful.

  13. Wow, you sure do get a lot done. I could maybe get all that done if there were 2 of me & neither of us slept ;) Love the reddish warm quilt in your guest room.

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  15. Looks like you've had one fulfilling day ahead of you! That's nice, and that's good, heheh. Going over an entire abode is quite a chore. Which is really why the faster you can go at it, the better, whether it takes a few sponges and detergents, or full-on professional service.

    Jason @ Bright House Cleaning


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